Who on earth would want a jukebox in their home in the twenty first century? That’s what you are actually going to have to listen to if you try to talk your husband, wife or partner into buying a full blown retro jukebox. They might have a point or do they? Full size jukeboxes are considered by some people as outdated and defunct. Only a few establishments still have them in place, nobody really knows if they are still functioning or not unless they drop a coin into the slot and make their selection.

But, if like me you are a nostalgic person and would love to have this fabulous piece of music history and memories of the golden days around the house, you can surely convince him or her and go get yourself the jukebox that you dream of. The great thing about jukeboxes is that they are really good looking with all the coloured lights and bright chrome features that they have. Manufacturers over the years have made a lot of effort to make the jukeboxes look as eyecatchingly good as possible to give them that happy, party look and feel.

Although jukeboxes are not supposed to be popular anymore you will be surprised when your friends and family come to visit just to see your new jukebox . We all love to feel nostalgic about the good times in years past when everything was just plain and simple. Parties will be even more fun when your guests gather around the jukebox and sing and dance to the tracks that they have chosen – usually golden memories! A jukebox is not just a talking point, one can get any party into full swing!

They are also a great gift idea for loved ones. For teenagers a table top CD playing jukebox could be just the thing to delight them. For us grown ups either a full sized retro will bring back and make good memories, or a mini model could be just the ticket.

A Jukebox could look great in your home. If your rooms aren’t large enough for a full sized jukebox there are plenty of good looking, functionable, modern table top jukeboxes to choose from. Just take a look around on the Internet and you will find a large variety to choose from.

Or, it is even possible to still be able to find original jukeboxes from 50 years ago and in working condition. You can think of one as a piece of beloved old furniture you might inherit from your grand parents. Like things that run in families, a jukebox is like buying an old classic car, or an old painting. Certainly it is a good investment of money, apart from the fun and entertainment to be had; twenty years from now it could be worth a lot.

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From Patricia Jones of Mega Music Site

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