This is a popular network marketing company that has made some great advancements during its time in existence, there are also a good range of products to choose from.

This Texas based company was founded in 1993 by Charlie Ragus, who sadly passed away in 2001. He named the company Advocare to express his desire to be an ‘advocate’ that ‘cared’. Richard Wright is now the President & CEO, he and his wife Sherry previously built a diamond direct sales team of 1,000 people across 37 states and 4 countries, he has also recently served as a senior member of staff for an US Congressman. The company’s national spokesman is Drew Brees, who was named this year’s MVP of the NFL championship game.

Advocare is also a member of the Direct Selling Association, and after being in business for only 4 years was named a winner in the Dallas 100 Awards for being one of the fastest growing companies in North Texas, they have gone on to win this award seven times since.

Many top athletes and well known sports personalities have given positive testimonials and endorsed the products.

The Product Range

Within the range of products you will be able to appeal to many people, there are weight management and dieting products, nutritional supplements, products for energy and vitality, plus skin care to name just a few.

There is a scientific advisory and development team working for the company that is continually monitoring and improving the product range, so you can always be confident of a great quality product from this company.

Making Money With Advocare

There is the chance to build a profitable income with the compensation plan offered by the company. You can choose to get involved just as a retail customer, or as a Business Builder and be eligible for a 40% discount on all products. This will allow you to start selling products for an immediate profit, however if you want to build a residual income then you need to recruit a team of distributors under you.

There are other bonuses that you can qualify for depending on your level of achievement within the company pay plan, there are leadership pools, wholesale and retail commissions plus earnings on team members sales. Your success with the Advocare business is going to depend on your individual effort, it will take determination and persistent effort if you are going to be successfull.

To make the most money you are going to need to develop your sponsoring skills and be getting a decent flow of new prospects regularly. A lack of new leads is something that stumps a lot of network marketers, your warm list of 100 people or so, very often is not enough to kick start your business into action. To get the success that you want you need to come up with a system that will allow you to generate leads on a consistent basis.

To master tips on how to create 40+ prospects daily for your business check out the authors network marketing success teaching weblog. There are various Advocare reviews online, hopefully this one was useful for you.

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