Anyone who owns a blog wants to get relevant traffic, for without this it’s impossible to make money, build a list, or whatever your goal might be. The only way for your blog to grow is to attract a large number of interested visitors. While one of the best ways to get links is to network with other bloggers, many new marketers hesitate to do this. However, this is a formula for failure; as a blogger you should shed your inhibitions and interact with other bloggers in your niche. Contrary to the popular belief, asking for a link from a blogger is actually helping them discover useful content that their readers will like. Your emphasis, therefore, should be on the helpful content you have to offer, as this is how you’ll get the most replies.

Most importantly, always be a regular blogger in the community. All of the main bloggers have one thing in common. The participate in the blogging community on a regular basis. If you want your posts to be linked to by other bloggers, you have to always post on your blog. When you send out a link request to another blogger, he will definitely go to your blog to see what it is about. So when this is done, it is your job to make them realize that you really like to blog a lot. Do not give the impression that you only blog on a part time basis and that this is not that important to you. Your content will not be seriously considered until your blog is up to snuff.

Second, it is not that important for you to link to the blogger first before asking.

But, if you did in the past, it could set up a good first impression. This proves that you attempted to build a relationship. While this may not apply to every blog that you approach for a link, it does work to a certain extent.

Last, do not forget that there is nothing quite like original content when you are trying to get original links. Any blogger that you go to will want you to give them something that is not duplicated and that isn’t old hat. This just tends to increase your chances of getting the backlink. However, if you are just sending a link from another blogger, then the value is reduced.

There is less chance that you will get the link. So, if you are going to link to a story that you did not create, then you can add comments to it and give your opinion about what it says. In conclusion, this article lets us see the real reasons why a lot of bloggers do not bet backlinks from other bloggers even though they did things correctly. Just direct your attention to offering good content when you email links. Don’t give up if you aren’t getting a favorable response. Stick to your goal and keep pushing it each and every day. It is very apparent that it will be very advantageous to you in the end.

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