Swift Optics was established in 1926 in Colorado. Since that time, they have been offering top quality optical instruments that are used in a number of different sports and fields. Like the majority of optical companies, they offer a wide variety of optical products like rifle scopes, microscopes, and spotting scopes. Swift offers a full line of scope for nearly all needs.

Swift breaks their scope offerings down into two groups: the SwiftReliant family and the SwiftPremier family. Both series are substantially different. The SwiftReliant is an entry level series of 7 scopes that includes both fixed and variable powered models. All the variable powered models within the Reliant series are produced in a 3X9 variable configuration. The SwiftReliant is designed for the budget minded or occasional hunter that wants a scope that performs without breaking the bank.

If the SwiftReliant doesn’t offer the power or options that you prefer, consider looking into the SwiftPremier series. This series offers 24 variable powered models that range from a 2.5 power up to an 8X32X50. The higher grade Premier models feature a higher quality of lens that allows more light transmission and a clearer sight picture.One of the top selling Premier models is the 659M. This model features a 3.5X10X44 power and a rapid focus feature. The 44mm objective lets in plenty of light, while the 3.5X10 power has enough range to cover most shooting big game shooting situations.If you happen to need either higher magnification or are shooting at longer distances (200+ yards), you might want to take a look at the SwiftPremier 669M. This model has a 44mm objective along with a 6X18 adjustable power. The 44mm objective will gather plenty of light when you need to make that difficult shot.

There are some other differences between the two different scope levels. The Reliant series come with a limited 2 year warranty, while the Premier series has a lifetime warranty. The Premier series utilizes better quality components so it features a higher quality, more crisp picture.

Swift also offers a pistol scope line that features 6 different scopes at various low powered settings. Each features the extended eye relief needed for pistol scopes and a wide field of view.

If you are in the market for a nice scope and don’t want to pay $200 or more, then the Swift series might be a good fit for you.

Picking the best rifle scope for your individual wants can be challenging. Take advantage of the information that is currently offered to make educated purchasing decisions. Should you be rifle scope shopping, think about a Swift rifle scope as they are an excellent deal for the money. For information on this brand, please visit: Swift Scopes.

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