Incontinence isn’t generation specific, so why use baby wipes on youth, teen or adult skin? Adult moist wipes & washcloths are wonderful incontinence products. Back in the days of yore were purchased just for cleansing babies. However caregivers, loved-ones, moms & dads in continuous care settings, perceived how convenient and more healthy they were to use. It wasn’t long until manufactuers noted this trend and started producing and distributing them for adults.

If you, or someone you love, suffers with incontinence – skin maintenance is vital. When your skin is constantly defenseless to urine or fecal matter, ultimately you will have to endure a skin infection (aka diaper rash).

These adult wet wipes are an excellent approach to keep the area clean and free from germs. They also provide protection for the caregivers who may be washing the contact dermatitis . These moist wipes & washcloths can be purchased with special skin cleansers that are formulated for fragile, deteriorated skin, as well as antibacterial properties, which provide a layer of protection to the area. Keeping breakable, deteriorated skin clean is an essential component of the healing process, and using these disposable wipes & washcloths will also help in helping the healing process. Adult moist wipes & washcloths can be purchased in convenient travel sizes, or in bulk. Or, if you purchase them online, you can usually buy the refillable tubs with refills. Because they are convenient and disposable, you’ll usually find them in a hospital environment where preventive medicine is absolutely crucial.

Many who put up with incontinence have also noticed these adult wipes & washcloths a dynamite way to stay clean-smelling all day long and not be flustered by odors caused by the problem. As well, anyone who suffers from skin problems, such as dry skin, bedsores, rashes or contact dermatitis, will find that these adult moist wipes & washcloths are an exceptional way to help them wash their skin. Aged users also appreciate the adult wipes & washcloths that have oils, skin conditioners and moisturizers that will help condition their skin.

Remember, incontinence is not age specific and contrary to popular belief, it isn’t a condition that affects just the aged. However, one of the most popular uses for these adult wipes & washcloths is in senior care . Bedside nurses find them convenient to use for those that are who may be ambulatory, but not coherent, or bedridden. A person who has been there, appreciates the umpteen uses for these cloths in assisting to keep them clean and fresh-smelling . Loved ones also find them advantageous in keeping themselves washed, which aids in the prevention of spreading germs. Certainly, at meal time they are also advantageous to have for cleaning up any food or beverage spills that may materialize.

Why are wipes & disposable washcloths the cat’s meow of? Because they are disposable, which means reduced laundry for the caregivers attendant or moms & dads. They’re kept in a convenient package and all set to go. Because these disposable washcloths & wet wipes can be bought with skin conditioners, antibacterial properties, scented or unscented, special skin cleansers already in the cloth, they help to cut back the task for the bedside nurse or moms & dads. Lastly, they provide a more hygenic environment for everybody – these wipes & disposable washcloths are win-win!

Just a reminder, adult wipes & washcloths can be used at room temperature. But, visualize taking a cloth straight out of a package and right away using it on your skin… BRRRR! Now, think of warming them up before using it….ahhh, that’s better. Warming them up in a warmer or a sink of hot water, provides more comfort for the person being washed.

Not all wipes & washcloths are created equal. ReadyBath brand wipes are an exceptional example of adult wipes & washcloths. Easy to use & effective at cleaning, they also moisturize, deodorize, & provide a barrier protection. Furthermore, Remedy also has an exceptional skin care line that cleanses, moisturizes & protects your delicate skin – which is so very important when living with incontinence.

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Tammy Chamberlain is an incontinence products specialist at DryDiapersPlus.

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