While gold or silver jewelry can be beautiful even without gemstones, the right stone can certainly make the piece striking and unique. While most people think of precious stones like diamonds or rubies when it comes to gemstones, there are really a large number of varieties. Actually, there is more to buying gemstone jewelry than you realize, and that is why we offer these helpful suggestions.

As it concerns diamonds, there is really not much to say about them simply because they are the best. You may know they have a natural hardness that is not found in much else, so far. While large, high quality diamonds are extremely expensive, the majority are only of average or inferior grade and not very valuable. Diamonds also come in several colors, the most common being white or colorless. So if you really wanted a diamond that is not often found, then check out the blue, pink, green or yellow diamond. The quality, purity, reflectivity and color plus size will all play their part in the final cost of a diamond.

Most women love diamonds, as we know, but what could be the next most desired gem is the pearl. As you probably know, pearls come from living sea organisms, and for that reason the industry does not classify them as a gem. There are two animals that make pearls, the oyster as we all know and the mollusk. A cultured pearl simply means that the pearl came from a farm where the oysters grow and produce the pearls. There are businesses that have oyster and mollusk beds that are used to produce as many pearls as possible.

Plus one huge good thing about approaching it this way is the overall price to get the pearl to the market is significantly less. Since the pearls are still made the same, you will see variations in the quality with higher and lower grades.

Three important classifications to know about, for gems, are synthetic, natural and simulant. Natural stones, as the name implies, are those found in nature and are always the most valuable. In terms of being identical, chemically speaking, the natural and synthetic gemstones are the same thing.

When you talk about fake gems, it is the simulants that you are talking about. The top three gems, emeralds, diamonds and rubies are typically what the simulant market targets. The most important thing here is that you know what you are getting and not paying too much. The demand for gems has always been so large that it is a lot harder to mine natural precious gems.

Gemstones have been the favorite topic of so many books that you cannot imagine. If you’re interested in a particular type of stone, it’s best to learn as much as you can about it, especially if you’re planning to buy one. Aside from merely trusting where you buy, you still would benefit from understanding your gemstone of choice and how they are graded, etc.

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