It can be quite intimidating to record your very first screencast. It’s definitely not as complicated as it sounds! You just need to…

Make sure your audience can hear what you have to say – enunciate. The primary reason for negative feedback when it comes to screencasts is that the presenter is talking too fast. Keep in mind that you’re making a professional pitch to your audience and don’t talk as if you’re just chatting with friends. Every individual watching your screencast wouldn’t be the same, so you can’t expect them to understand your pace of speed or your accent. When you speak slowly and clearly your audience is much more likely to really get the message you want them to. When you rush through your screencast it is more difficult for your audience to understand you. Do you think it’s better to edit the recording for clarity later? It’s good news for many that there really is a button that allows you to edit the screencast. But if you manage to get it right the first time around you won’t need to use that button.

Separate Your Audio and Video: There will be moments when it is more effective to record the video feed separately from the sound. At times like these, you should think about working on each aspect separately, starting off with the video and then the sound. So, what’s the reason behind this? You might find it difficult to speak while also clicking around on your screen, making it difficult to concentrate. There is little reason to do everything at the same time, so it’s fine if this happens to you. It might take more of your time to do both of them separately, but you’ll end with a professional result on hand.

Make sure you do get back to it though and do a little fine tuning before you release your screencast to the world. When you do the fine tuning process you’ll find all kinds of little fixes that can be made to make your screencast even better. This can only become evident once you review your screencast later on. Apart from this, you should also have someone else take a look at the screencast and give you feedback on it. You can have your friend or colleague or anyone that you trust to have a look at it, and review it for you. Sometimes what we miss is noticed by the others – so before it goes live, get this step done.

You’ll have plenty of time to play around with the software later, for now, presenting a strong message is more important than presenting a fancy message. What we discussed here isn’t rocket science; you just have to take some strong action to apply it.

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