Are you suffering from not getting enough sleep? It might seem like an easy question but frequently people can have their life and their work severely impaired by too little sleep while not realising what is producing these symptoms.

Adults need approximately 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. Every night you get under 7 hours sleep you create a sleep debt. The collective sleep deficiency will slowly but surely bring about issues such as reduction in concentration, fatigue, fuzzy vision and irritability. If your lack of of sleep goes on for a prolonged time it can cause conditions like anxiety, heart disease and diabetes.

Sleep is a very necessary part of the human brain being able to operate efficiently. If you are having difficulty getting to sleep and consequently are not getting a sufficient amount of rest, it may well lead to you to not only just be drowsy, but it may result in emotional and learning problems also.

Those experiencing sleeplessness quite often have one or more of the below symptoms:

Lacking energy to exercise
Finding it hard to focus their eye sight
Being stressed out and irritable
Not requiring anything at all to eat and afterwards feeling really hungry a little while soon after.
Feeling like you’re exhausted all of the time
Routinely feeling ill.
Problems concentrating
Being stressed about sleep
Tension headaches
Below average co-ordination, a rise in accidents or slip ups

If you happen to be suffering from some of the preceeding symptoms then you may be experiencing lack of sleep. If you are troubled with insomnia then there’s a number of sleep cures that you may try out. For example make certain your room is as dark and as peaceful as is practical, have a de-stressing bath before going to bed, exercise every day and do not drink caffeinated drinks.

Nearly all people will have problems with short term insomnia at some stage in their lifetime. High pressure situations such as moving house, relationship problems and changes in surroundings can all lead to sleep problems. Lack of sleep for a short length of time is not going to bring about any permanent health problems, however a prolonged lack of sleep can lead to considerable health concerns both physically and mentally.

If you find yourself having problems sleeping for an extended amount of time then you should contact your health professional. Maintaining a record of your problems with sleep might help your doctor to advise you on the most beneficial treatment.

If you’re having trouble sleeping then take a look at my write-up on home remedies for sleeplessness and additional related information on insufficient sleep.

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