Versativa is quite an unique network marketing opportunity because their product is based on Hemp. You can also rest assured that you are very unlikely to have the hurdles often found with MLM companies that have just started their operations. Versativa is a new project of ForeverGreen, who you are probably already aware, is a multimillion dollar company that’s publicly traded and have seen years of success.

Hemp is a naturally occurring product that offers us a ton of benefits such as nutrition, medicine, fibres for building materials, paper, fuel, weed control, water and soil purification, plus you can get high on the stuff, lol. With such a product there could be a fantastic marketing opportunity, target a need in the market for example nutritional supplementation) and then produce it in a form that’s fit for human consumption.

Versativa have done exactly that and produced nutritional supplements based on hemp, that would be appealing to prospective customers. The Pulse range is a perfect example of their quality products, obviously it’s based on hemp but provides a highly nutritious organic food source that everyone can take advantage of. It’s made fresh daily and is also available in rather novel ‘Business Bars’ so you can carry some around with you in case you get an interested prospect.

What Are The Versativa Available Products

They also produce the only currently known hemp concentrate, it’s called Hemphoria and comes in a bottle of concentrated liquid. It’s designed to be mixed with water or your favourite beverage (not alcohol) and drunk, alternatively you can consume it neat, it is designed to offer the body a high dosage of nutrients and help ‘turn back the clock’ to provide optimal health. Many testimonials will also show that there is a benefit to the operation of the brain, leading to more energy and mental function.

The compensation is well arranged and designed heavily around the intermediate levels, which means that more people are likely to make some cash with this deal. A good thing as often many people don’t make the big ranks in network marketing. To reach the top ranks and hit the leadership levels you will only need 2 major legs in your organization, thus making it more achievable for more people. As with any network marketing deal, success won’t arrive automatically, but if you are willing to be coachable and master the art of recruiting then you can do well. You must also be able to train your downline effectively so that success and residual profits can be duplicated, failing that you need to have an upline with a decent training system in place.

Looking at all the information available, it’s obvious that this is a business well worth joining. You have the backing of a multimillion dollar enterprise, a natural product that will benefit everyone and a compensation plan that’s designed for the distributors to make money rather than just the company and leaders. Plus Versativa have the planets best interests at heart as well as their customers, they are also petitioning for the legalisation of hemp in the United States.

Your success will however be directly determined by your ability to generate enough leads, plus you really need some sort of system that can leverage a lot of the presentation work for you. If you don’t get this right, you will just remain at the bottom of the comp plan.

If you are serious regarding your business then sit back and watch this free of charge network marketing training video.

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