Making your sales copy better requires you to make a substantial effort to make sure that your copy is focused and balanced and that all of the different parts of it work well together. There is more to the process than simply changing little things here and there. Keep reading to learn a few things that you can do to start making your copy even better.

Know Your Numbers: In order to improve your sales copy and make it more effective, you must be sure of where you are right now. This means that understanding things like the amount of traffic you get every month, how many sales you make per person and what the basic conversion rate of your site is. Measuring your current results is a very important step if you want to make as much money as possible but you need to do it while things are still unclear. One important note: “unique visitors per month” is not the same thing as “hits per month.” Also, knowing your conversion rate is necessary because when you make consistent changes/tweaks to your copy, you’ll know where you’re headed, and how much you’re able to improve. Knowing your current performance plays a big role in helping you improve the overall results. Write for Humans: There’s a lot of hustle and bustle going in the SEO world about how your copy should contain your targeted keywords in it. It is a good idea to include some targeted keywords in your text but don’t forget that it is your actual readers and not the search engines that take priority. Be careful with this approach because prospective buyers want copy that is fun and convincing to read. Let’s just face it: it doesn’t matter how many keywords you include in your copy if you can’t get people to read it. Your first focus needs to be on working keywords into your copy artfully not working your copy around your keywords. Quality writing doesn’t just help you reach your target audience, it inspires them to use the marketing tool that is the most powerful of all: word of mouth advertising. The more focus you place upon the quality of your sales copy the more people will be convinced to buy your product.

Fear of Loss: People who use direct marketing have always used “fear of loss” in copy to help them get as many sales as quickly as possible.

When you use the “fear of loss” technique you make your prospects feel like they have a deadline for deciding to purchase from you and this makes them click “buy” a lot faster. Nobody wants to miss out on a great offer or deal so adding a sense of urgency to your copy can help you seem even more irresistible to potential buyers and clients. To conclude, this article makes it clear how easy it is to take your sales copy to the next level.

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