When you set out to buy something new for your home and that something is a cleaning appliance like a vacuum cleaner, you need to consider several factors before zeroing in on the best option for you. These factors include the size your home, the number of rooms and staircases, the type of floor, the area covered by carpets, the health of your family members, etc. Also important, the price of the product also features heavily in the discussion. Having so many variables, the purchase of the perfect brand for you out of the best vacuum cleaner brands can be a tough ask.

Now that you’ve considered everything regarding your environment let’s shift the attention back to the device itself. One of the simplest ways to judge a vacuum cleaner is to test the suction power. The more dirt it can suck up the better it is. The best vacuum cleaners out there are known for the amount of dirt they can gobble up. Another factor that decides the choice is the versatility of the device. It’s not the 20th century anymore. A machine that cannot perform more than one task will always be obsolete to one which can. Nowadays, a vacuum cleaner is not only expected to suck up the dirt but also to perform other tasks like disinfecting the floor, killing the germs, etc.

While trying to judge the best vacuums based on their prices and one’s budget, you cannot afford to forget that although a certain vacuum cleaner might be expensive, it can last longer than a cheaper one. A relatively high end model will cost less in the long run as the cheap ones will cost a lot in repairs or even need replacing within a year or two.

There are best vacuum cleaners in every category – backpack, canister, upright, cordless, bagless, etc. The kind of cleaning you want to do decides which type of vacuum cleaner to go for. If you have free time on your hands every day and have a small apartment you could go for a bagless model where the dirt just accumulates in a cup that needs to be cleaned regularly with the filter. If you are suffering from orthopedic disorders you can go for an upright vacuum cleaner which does not require you to bend that much. If you don’t have much time, hate cleaning or are just plain lazy, then you might want to fork out some extra cash and go for one of those robotic cleaners like the Roomba. That bad boy does not even require human supervision while cleaning the room.

Finally, you must also keep in mind that just buying the best vacuum cleaner is not enough. Maintaining it requires that its parts and accessories be easily available. That is one reason why one should go for the known brands of the best vacuums because they have service centers almost everywhere.

So that is it folks – follow these suggestions and research well to find yourselves the best machine possible.

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