I am serious. We need a new type of criminal. The ones we have today are either brilliantly stupid or they rely on violence. The dumb are entertaining, but if we are being entertained that means they did not get away with the crime. I mean, watch this video and tell me you are not amused. But had they had escaped, a whole new form of entertainment would take place. In depth profiles of the criminal, interviews with witness’s and neighbors. It would be an interest story every night for the news. Society would benefit greatly, something new to discuss.

The violent criminal has no entertainment value. Unless… We could let the K9s have a go. That would be fun to watch. But other than that I have no interest in hearing about the violent types.

I think technology has out paced the criminal. This link is another great example of what I am talking about. We have all watched enough television to know that they can trace a call in less than 10 seconds. These dummies reliance on violence (sorry) has had an obvious impact on their intelligence.

Law enforcement on the other hand has embraced technology. They can track your location through cell phones, and if you are smart enough to turn your cell phone off, they can turn it on. They can get DNA off a corpse that has been buried for 20 years. We see in the spy thrillers governments using real time satellite photos watching some guy running down the street. I do not know if we have that capability but the Swiss have used the next best thing. They turned to Google Earth to find dope patches growing in the middle of corn fields. I would advise all you people that have a patch of dope growing in the back 40, to invest in some camouflage canopy’s and hope they can’t be seen from the road. Ohio police are renting garbage trucks and going on routes rummaging through your garbage to find incriminating evidence so they can secure search warrants. If you see police picking up your garbage I think it would be prudent to call a lawyer.

This new criminal needs to be savvy with the technology. Knowing how to avoid it as well as use it. First thing that comes into mind is the hacker, but hackers have really destroyed a great tool. Instead of wreaking havoc on the common Joe, they could be bringing down institutions that would make them revered heroes. Say they got into some large un-named tax agency and sent everyone in the country a tax refund. Make a virus that provides every one with a near perfect credit score. Better yet, keep if from the credit bureaus, just have a bug that bumps your score a few points every month then destroy or hide any late payments. Would that not bring them to super hero status? Alas, they are too petty to be the new criminal

What do you think? What should the new criminal be like? Diabolical? A modern day Robin Hood? Let’s hear your thoughts, who knows? You may just find a hidden talent buried deep down that just found a way out.

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