Like a lot of people I’ve been looking around for information about marketing online and trying to learn the strategies that I can use to build my network marketing business online. Whilst I was searching around I came across many so called ‘mentors’ and gurus however most of them didn’t seem to be too interested in helping me. Many of them just seemed to be hiding behind their computers and personal contact was impossible even though they proclaimed that they were happy to speak to you directly. I drew up a list of possible online marketers that might be able to help me and James Hicks was one of the names on my scrap of paper.

My business is network marketing and it seemed a good idea to take my business to the internet to improve my results. Anyway to cut a long story short I went to the personal MLM blog of James Hicks. After being online for only about seven months, he certainly has got some very interesting progress in that time. From going from flat broke to building his own online empire in a very short space of time it’s been achieved all using free strategies! He has a very unique way of sponsoring people into his business. He is a down to earth guy and very straight talking.

James Hicks produces high quality information to attract attention to his mlm , this produces a high volume of visitors from the search engine organic results using press releases, articles and videos. By using these methods his content gets found by a lot of people, he is also an advocate of Mike Dillards Magnetic Sponsoring Principle. Now that I’ve studied this eBook named Magnetic Sponsoring I would highly recommend that you get a copy for yourself, I can safely say it will totally change your perspective in network marketing and allow you to become more successful than you ever imagined.

Some of the strategies I have learnt from James Hicks include

– How Attraction marketing works – Creating valuable content that will make folks want to take action and join your business – Making use of the social sites to promote your own personal brand – The vital importance of creating your own online presence and branding You and not your business – How to follow up with prospects effectively via email and telephone – How to have prospects hunting me down rather than the other way round!

When marketing on the internet it’s very important that you market and brand YOU rather than your business for maximum mlm success. The internet is already swamped with standard company websites in the hope of making sales and signing up distributors. Unfortunately it does not work that way, people usually will only buy from someone that they have a positive trust and relationship with. The proper way to do it is to put yourself in a position of leadership with your own personal website where people can meet you and give something that will be of value to encourage your visitor to become your lead. If you do this you will be creating your own list of warm prospects that you are able to begin to build a trust with. When done right you are in a strong position to pitch good quality products to your list time and time again. These are the strategies that I learned from James Hicks and I can certainly see the logic of it.

If you are looking to seriously increase the success in your business then I hope some of my thoughts here will help you to become more profitable. Certainly if you are seeking a good mentor then the training of James Hicks is second to none.

By using these uncomplicated methods you will get any number of MLM leads for your small business

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