Side effects from Accutane are mild but could be extremely dangerous. The drug Accutane,
also known as isotretinoin, is an oral medication used for administration
of serious acne in people who have not found any success with other medications. It is a
strong medicine and was originally used as a chemotherapy agent to
treat cancer patients. It was observed by scientists to also take care of red pimples, blackheads and whiteheads
which are associated with acne. Here’s your free Accutane report including Accutane lawsuit information.

Use of the drug Accutane possibly causes birth defects that can be quite serious. This can include mental retardation and physical abnormalities so women should not put it to use if pregnant. Doctors will ask you to sign a consent form in case you
are in the age for pregnancy before they’ll let you begin the
medication. If you do become pregnant while taking Accutane you must contact your doctor immediately.

Some of the more common Accutane side effects include, but aren’t limited

* hair loss or thinning of hair
* head aches
* fragile nails
* greater sensitivity to daylight
* diarrhea
* eczema
* fatigue
* muscle ache
* infections and epidermis conditions
* flare-ups of acne
* severe dried out skin, especially on the genitals, nose, or lips
* unusual bruising, slow healing cuts or blood loss

Side effects that are
more serious can be:

* depression (patients having a history, or family history, of depression
shouldn’t take Accutane as it can increase the risk of severe depression)
* aggression or violent behavior
* attempts at suicide
* hearing problems
* liver damage
* birth defects
* stroke
* seizures
* heart attack
* neurosis
* erectile dysfunction
* deadly allergic reactions
* inflammatory bowel disease
* ulcerative colitis
* Crohn’s disease
* Cataracts

These are just some of the Accutane unwanted side effects resulting from taking the medication. There are any quantity of
unwanted side effects and if you notice any changes in your body while taking Accutane,
notify your medical professional immediately. Do not stop taking
Accutane without first consulting your doctor. In some cases, stopping your medication might be
required to prevent serious damage to your body. If you develop rectal bleeding, abdominal pain, or severe diarrhea, stop right
away and notify your doctor. These tend to be rare cases.

When using Accutane, it is
not recommended to donate blood while taking it and for a minimum of a month once you’ve
stopped taking it. Other effects the drug might have on you that do not pose an initial risk to your health are such things as a sudden
decrease in vision at night. Others have had difficulty in accurately regulating their blood sugar and others
still have had problems tolerating wearing of contact lenses not just while on Accutane,
but after as well. And there’s more href=””>Accutane side effects articles here.

This isn’t meant to function as the entire list of problems related to
taking Accutane, but as a informative piece to advise caution as needs to be done when taking any
drug. Until you fully understand how a drug affects you, stay in touch with your doctor.
Accutane side effects can be simply annoying to downright deadly, use restraint.

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