Refractory periodontitis disease is characterized by advanced bone loss and in this condition impending tooth loss sets in. This stage can usually result in tooth loss since the amount of bone loss is really major. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry and advanced technology enable dentist to deal with even this stage of periodontitis. Teeth can be splinted to provide them more stability. Selective teeth could be extracted if necessary and replaced with bridges. Your best option, however, is a combination of lanap ( also known as laser periodontal therapy) and cosmetic dental implants. Dentist will usually address this condition in several ways, including laser periodontal therapy, splinting teeth together for more stability, and perhaps some extractions. Fortunately, lost teeth can usually be replaced with bridges, dentures, or better yet – implants. While surgery has long been the most well-liked approach to treating advanced and refractory periodontis, the new lanap procedure has proven to be effective in even the most severe cases of gums and teeth. The benefits it offers over typical surgery are many.

Laser Gum Treatment

Laser gum treatment methods are more easily corrected than traditional surgical options, which might involve taking out stitches, re-doing bone grafts, or another painful procedures. Truly may be the wave of the future in dental surgery and the treating gums and teeth. Many recent studies indicate that gums and teeth can even result in heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes, among other serious health issues, so diagnosing and treating gums and teeth could save more than your smile.

Laser gum treatment is highly recommended after root planning and scaling (srp) since the “deep cleaning” only removes tartar buildup and some bacteria but not all. Laser gum treatment done soon after cleaning has been proven to affectively sterilize the infected gum tissues, kill 99% of bacteria in the pockets and speed up the healing process. Laser dental care not just has proven its clinical effectiveness but is also less costly than other options such as arestin (antibiotic powder) or gum surgery. The outcome for you is: less bleeding, less pain, less sensitivity, a shorter period in the dental chair, and less recovery time. Laser periodontal therapy is being prescribed more and more generally dentistry; however, there are very few laser dentists.

Your Choice Of A Dentist

Choosing a dentist for your individual needs in an oral care professional. Whether you are in the market for a long-term dentist who is able to provide care over several years, or you are in the marketplace for a specific one-time procedure, be sure you have an understanding of what you would like accomplished so you can find the right dentist for your needs. Some of us may have cosmetic types of treatments we would like done to enhance the overall look of our teeth. Others might be interested in having an issue resolved such as a cavity. Whatever it is that you’re in the market for, having an understanding of your needs an expectations will help you find the right professional. Discussing with a potential dentist the expectations you have about their services could be of great benefit. Finally, make sure that the dentist you hire is mindful of your most urgent needs. This may manifest itself as helping you prioritize the work you would like done. In this way, you can get your dental hygiene on track in separate increments and this can make things a lot more manageable. Also be sure that the dentist is mindful of your emotional, physical and financial needs. Finding the right, most affordable dental option is often as easy as discussing with potential professionals the payment plans offered. Make sure also that this dentist is trained and experience, as well as up-to-speed with the latest technologies in his field. In addition, be sure you are comfortable with the office so far as its friendliness and cleanliness. Considering these aspects carefully can greatly influence your decision.

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