Hygiene, or lack of hygiene has inspired many inventions over the years and of devices and tools that can help us to live clean, healthy and squalour free lives. In the modern industrial world, vacuum cleaners are excellent examples of such achievements that keeps muck at bay and helps up to live cleaner healthier lives.

The trajectory of the vacuum cleaners’ progress from instruments that just suck up visible dirt to today’s version of pioneers of domestic allergy prevention can be seen through the advancements in technology over the years in this field.

The Bissell Vacuum Cleaner that uses an high efficiency particulate air filtration system is at the end of that curve. It is part of a system of devices that fall under the HEPA vacuum cleaners category and it is mainly used to not only clean up the dirt, but also prevent allergies and other infections that can be caused by dust and pollen. In HEPA vacuum cleaners, the filter is made up of minute fibers that are arranged really close to each other in a random pattern.

In reality, what bugs a lot of vacuum cleaner owners is the chore of cleaning the vacuum cleaner itself. The question remains – what do you use when you want to clean a cleaner? In HEPA filter vacuums, the cleaning process of the device itself is quite unique. First, and this should be obvious, the HEPA vacuum cleaner is removed from the power source to prevent any unnecessary mishaps. The dirt container, which is usually placed at the front of such cleaning devices is also removed. After the container is removed, you will see that there is a tank assembly. That too can be removed by turning it and then pushing it down. Finally, you can see that the HEPA filter that actually needs to be cleaned is inside the tank assembly. Remove it.

This is not the only HEPA filter in a Bissell vacuum cleaner. There is another one which lies inside the pre-motor assembly that can be found at the bottom of the dirt container. This assembly can be removed too and then you have access to the second HEPA filter.

Now comes the main part of the job – cleaning the HEPA filters. The best and perhaps the only option available at this point is to wash the filters in a mild detergent and then rinse them. To do this just fill a bucket of cold water and mix a small amount of household detergent in it. Soak both the filters in the soapy water and then rinse off the detergent using some cold running water. As the filters are made up of miniscule fibers that are closely packed together, they might look dry even when they are still actually wet. After rinsing off the soap, it is a good idea to squeeze out the excess water from the HEPA filters. Once the filters are dry enough both of them can be attached to their respective assemblies again. That is how ones cleans the filters of HEPA Filter Vacuums, but please make sure they are dry before using.

A cleaner, healthier life and easy to maintain, a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner could be just what you need. Check them out at the best vacuums site today.

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