I expect you are here as you are looking around for information about the Usana business opportunity. This is a neutral review as I am not connected with this company in anyway.

What is Usana?

Usana is another juice, pill and food supplement Network Marketing company, it was the creation of Myron Wentz Ph.d who is an internationally recognized microbiologist, immunologist, and pioneer in the development of human cell culture technology and infectious disease diagnoses.

Having one of the most proven track records in the industry, Usana have also improved their reputation by contributing to important charities, the most notable being The Children’s Hunger Fund. Many under nourished children have been helped by Usanas $8 million worth of donations over the years

Usana products are highly regarded, and of good quality, they have pills, juices and food supplements that cater for just about anyone. To see just how many products they have, take a look at their corporate website, it’s quite impressive.

What’s the compensation plan like?

As far as commission payouts go, they are one of the highest paying in existence, with 45 cents of every dollar going back to back into the distributor network. The commission structure is a binary. Binaries can be complex to understand and its worth investing some time to fully comprehend them. Many recruiters will attempt to ‘wow’ newbie’s with the prospect of spill over commissions, giving the impression that you can just sign up and make money out of thin air. Balancing your left and right legs is the only way to qualify from such payments. So of course it won’t just happen on its own.

Can I make money from Usana?

Well you can certainly make some money with this company, their small print says that the average established, full time associate makes around $85,000 per year, which is a handsome salary by anyone’s standard. It is often more difficult however to build a team for a company that’s been around for a long time. You should also bear in mind that the market is already heavily populated with many companies selling health and nutritional products.

But with Usana you do have the benefit of a rock solid track record, they are for sure, one of the most successful companies of its type and have stood the test of time. I am sure they will be here for years to come.

If you are going to join this company then you should use a system like My Lead System Pro and be aware that over the year’s society as a whole has built up a resistance to these MLM health product companies.

Folks have been sold left right and center on the latest fat loss pill or juice. If you are willing to invest some time in educating yourself then you can enjoy much success with Usana.

Many users of the Usana products that I have spoken with tell me that they are very satisfied with the products.

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