What is staged…… well simply put…its the most amazing viral marketing system that I have ever came across

Using Staged.com is FREE! You can create UNLIMITED Stages using video links from YouTube, Google, Yahoo, Vimeo, Metacafe and more.

Most video sharing sites lack excitement. Staged.com video site themes look amazing!

More viewers watch the videos you send when they are presented on a Stage.

Create a new Staged web page for every video you want to share with others.

Creating a Stage requires zero technical know-how. It’s all point… click… online!

One click Share with all your favorite Social Media sites including Facebook & Twitter

Perfect for sharing your wedding, birthday, holiday and other special event videos with everyone you know.

Add personal comments on your Stages and even receive comments from viewers!

I’m not sure if you are familiar with something called “Viral Marketing” so i wanted to show you this amazing new marketing tool I recently found.

It’s called “Staged.com” and it utilizes YouTube videos along with Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social network web sites available.

The beauty of this system is that literally everyone in the world is familiar with YouTube and has an account with a social network like Facebook. The last stat I heard was that 1 in 4 people in the world has a Facebook account!

This familiarity creates a huge level of comfort and feeling of “I can do this” here at Staged.com.

“Viral Marketing” is a method of marketing that basically says “Do the effort one time and watch the results continue to grow exponentially over time”. This occurs as a result of people sharing your advertisement with others. Then those people share it with people they know… and so on.

Pretty soon 5-10 people who originally saw your ad can turn into hundreds or thousands of people. This is the “Viral” concept.

If you are looking for a simple way to generate traffic to any web site you own you should check this out!

Heres how staged works

Select a video from YouTube or another video site that you find appealing. It could be funny, controversial, compelling, thought provoking or just down right cute – something you know that people are likely to want to pass along to others.

Choose from one of the many custom designed “Stages” to feature the video you’ve chosen. There are new designs being added all the time so in the near future you will likely have themes for a wedding, a birth, a child’s birthday, Valentines’s Day – the scope is endless.

You can customize each “Stage” by adding information, banners, and links that point to any web sites you want to. These could be web sites you own, your blog, or even affiliate products. In the paid version your Staged business opportunity link will also be featured on the site.

Lastly you share the link of your new “Stage” on Facebook, Twitter and any other social networks you belong to. Something simple like “Just came across this mind-blowing video – check it out” is all you need to post or anything else that may get someones attention.

Just keep posting those stages and watch what happens…… your traffic will suddenly grow out of control.

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