Want to take care of your pets and build a network marketing business at the same time? Then Lifes Abundance may be the answer.

You can also find human and eco friendly products in their line up, but pet supplies are the company’s main concern. This particular ‘pets’ division of their business used to be called ‘HealthyPetNet’ but they rebranded to Life’s Abundance in October 2010.

Some may ask is there any real money to be made in the pet food industry, well yes there obviously is, especially as it’s expected to grow to a $52 billion industry over the next few years. There are reports that around sixty percent of American households have pets, it’s also common knowledge that every pet owner has already factored in the cost of food and care into their budget.

As far as the company leadership is concerned, it’s in safe hands, with George and Cris Jochum. George was in fact an executive manager at Western Union for many years, thirty two in fact. This company is endorsed by the Better Business Bureau and given an A+ rating, there have been a total of 5 minor complaints to the company as a whole over the last 36 months. All have been resolved and this is a small number anyway.

Lifes Abundance do also produce human products. There is their Sealogix fish oil supplements, plus the Clay Essentials face & body masques. We mustn’t also forget their eco friendly products, a deodorizing spray for the home and a floor wash. This is a network marketing company so you would expect the products to be a little pricey, but these are not too bad, and cheaper if you buy in bulk and sign up to an autoship.

How will you earn money with Life’s Abundance?

They operate a 7 ways to earn uni level compensation plan. To make money you will recruit a team of distributors under you and also make retail product sales (for which you earn up to %25). This also uses dynamic compression so that you don’t lose out because of non performers (of which you will probably experience many!). There are plenty of bonuses to work for further up the compensation plan. Interestingly when you get to a particular level, you won’t drop back if you don’t maintain the qualification level in future months. This is more of a status thing as you will still only be paid at the level at which you qualify in any month.

If you don’t like dealing with stock or customers then no worries, the company will process all the orders themselves. They also offer pet insurance, so you really can offer the full package to your customers.

This is a legitimate opportunity and there is a wealth of opportunity available for those skilled in both promoting products, and also building a network marketing team.

Any MLM marketer will know the importance of regular fresh leads, and normally you will need a lot of them in order to build a significant team. To enable your team to duplicate your success, it’s also wise to be using a marketing system that people can plug right into and start using right away.

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