Isagenix promise greater energy, lasting weight loss, peak mental and physical performance and optimal health. Sounds good to me! Is it all true though, is the company for real?

I’ve noticed in my last 7 years of MLM that there will come a point with every opportunity that someone will say it’s a scam, there are varying reasons for this, maybe because they tried and failed.

I’m not in any way affiliated with Isagenix so I’m not here to try and sign you up. Being a network marketing business they are marketing in the health products market. They offer high-quality cleansing, nutrition and skin care products.

So let us get that silly question out of the way before going any further, is there an Isagenix scam?. Well have you looked at the products? You can’t say it’s a pyramid, there are real bonafide products being marketed here. Of course to be expected in this particular market and network marketing as a whole, there are mixed reviews about the products, some are glowing others are not. There must be something good about these products as they are well recommended by several athletes and they are unlikely to risk their reputations on duff products.

The superstar life mentor, Jack Canfield also gives the company as a whole his seal of approval. Since using the products he said he feels far more wellbeing generally, the only snag with his recommendation is that he is an Isagenix distributor. But seriously I trust his word. The facts remains though that there are more good reviews than bad, which is always a good sign.

In my opinion this is a legit company.

John Anderson started Isagenix in 2002, the company’s head quarters is in Arizona. The company brought turned over 50 million bucks in 18 months with their famous fat burning and body cleansing system. Certainly some good figures, the company is still growing today.

You might want to check out their corporate website, there are some good video presentations to watch. You might also want to look under featured videos and watch the ‘Are You Toxic’ video. They basically tell us that almost everything we eat and use is poisonous!

How will I make money?

You will earn from selling products yourself and also through building a team under you, this is a BINARY compensation plan so make sure you fully understand how it works. The bottom line is that you are building two teams, one on the left and one on the right, its critical they are properly balanced so you earn the most money, plus benefit from spillover commissions from your uplines efforts. I would seriously recommend doing some of your own research into how a binary works, so you know exactly what you’re doing.

We have seen that Isagenix is a good, legitimate company, so how can you make a shed load of money with them?

Well you won’t make any money by doing what most people are doing in this company, I can pretty much guarantee you that. Most uplines and companies are teaching the traditional ways to building an MLM business, prospect your warm list and hope for the best. For those that see the potential of the internet and now market their business online may still be doing things totally the wrong way!

This is in my opinion the surest way to fail with Isagenix, but assuming you can solve the 2 major problems network marketers face then you are quid’s in.

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