Assuming that your network marketing business has a great product and a great compensation plan it seems at first glance a surprise that so often persons who come into this industry fail to generate much money and set themselves up for life. The earning power that this business model offers definately is powerful when you look at the influence of constructing a downline and having hundreds of people beneath you all eager to grow their business, in theory you should almost be able to take a back seat and watch the profits roll in.

Over the last few weeks I’ve had conversations with several network marketers, some are seeing success and some are failing fast, I think that the reasons for the most part why people are not making any money in this business is because of poor training and not taking enough action! It’s a sad fact that a lot of network marketing companies and sponsors simply do not train their new distributors how to create a cash flow quickly. Retention rates in this network marketing industry are a low 15% People just entering the industry often say they don’t get the help they need from their sponsors and coupled with the fact that most of the old school prospecting methods are not really pulling in the results they used to.

attraction marketing is something that you must educate yourself on if you have not already, I learnt from the great guru himself Mike Dillard and since purchasing Magnetic Sponsoring I look at things from a very different mindset, a mindset of success! If you have not yet already, check out his products and insist that your new recruits do also. When you start to market and brand yourself, if you are doing it in the correct way you will catch the attention of the proper people to you and begin to create trust and understanding with them and done correctly they will be investigating you and your business! better than you having to pitch them endlessly!.

The internet is one place where you can utilise attraction marketing very effectively! Take heed though, don’t bother being one of those annoying people that spams the internet by sending links everywhere claiming ‘Best business ever, get rich quick, Best Payout ever’ etc…you know the sort of thing, just take a look in your email spam box. People will do business with people that they know and trust, therefore you are much better off marketing yourself and what you can propose to your prospects in the way of support and very valuable training. Always give true value!

To grab your prospects attention and trust you must offer them sincere value, go the extra mile and be someone who stands out from the marketing noise and be someone who is respected and sought after. Its very important that you have systems employed that will do most of the prospecting for you on auto-pilot, systems like autoresponders and using video marketing, emails you enter once and then can be sent to millions of people, videos you shoot once and can be watched by by new people time and time again.

Again all this you must teach to your team. Attraction marketing is the clear winner, not spam marketing. By teaching these methods to your team you will experience a far improved retention rate. I’d love to teach you more but I can’t do it all in one article!.

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