My apologies up front. I have been horribly distracted today and can’t seem to keep my mind focused for more than a couple of minutes. God knows how many times I have gotten up from my desk at Homes for Heroes and headed to another room only to stand in the new room not having a clue why I am there. This forces me to go back where I came from and try to find clues as to why I got up in the first place. The office seems amused and is starting to enjoy my distracted state. They are asking me to grab something for them as I head out of the office. Then laugh when I come back empty handed.

Don’t mind them, I’ll ninja them later. I think what’s got me so rattled is the dreams I had last night. I must have had about 20 of the visual things through out the night. Nothing in them scary except for one lingering theme. Google search’s. Now you understand why I am addled today. It seems Google has a long memory.

I have been trying to remember the dreams because in each one it had the same discovery. It was something fantastic and new. I think it had to do with a way to short circuit Google and have dominion over how it works. The only other thing I can remember is that each one of the dreams had animals in them. I even had parts in my dreams where I would tell my self to wake up and write it down, but would I listen to myself? I think the answer is in this blog.

Animals, lots of them. I remember monkeys, elephants, a giraffe, a cat, a dog, something between a rat and snake, even wild boars. I would write a sentence about them and they would come to life. Then I would Google what I had just wrote….. that’s where it gets fuzzy. So I went to You Tube and took a look at some animal videos. The title of this video got me going, my first moment of clarity for the day. The tongue stuck out (no pun) in my mind. It is key to this mystery of my scrambled mind, this I am sure.

Have you ever seen a snake drink? Well this one drinks from the tap. Not sure how it turns off the water when its done. One thing this video shows though, is that when man domesticates animals they soon become very domesticated.

This my friends is an insight to what happens when you spoil animals.

Speaking of being domesticated, would anyone tolerate this behavior? Sure it seems cute but just like kids it sucks getting up at 3 in the morning because little Johnny or Debbie wants a drink of water. At least if you yell at the kids to go back to sleep they won’t come back and give you a clawing.

Is this owning the master?

The following holds the key. When I watch it I know the answer is here. The animal kingdom is living in harmony. The Giraffes, Elephants, Monkeys and all other creatures just hanging out eating fermented fruit. Is this not some divine message?

An answer can be found watching this.

Did you see it? Harmony and fermented fruit go hand in hand. Watching the Lords creatures just hanging out getting bombed, the answer comes to me. I must head down to the local pub and pool my brain back to some sort of normalcy. I still do not have an answer to my dreams, but I do know that tomorrow I want to be able to get up to get a cup of coffee and remember that before I get to the coffee pot.

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