There are many different Sealy mattresses available and when I was looking to purchase one I spent a bit of time investigating the memory foam mattress, known as the True Form.

Memory foam has some great benefits and if you can’t afford the Posturepedic mattress right now you might want to consider this as a cheaper alternative. These memory foam mattresses are made of a substance called polyurethane and are thick and heavy, plus they are strong so will support your body as you sleep. When you lay on this mattress the heat from your body will allow the material to soften and shape effectively.

A lot of traditional mattresses do not shape so well and therefore and place pressure on parts of your body, but this won’t happen with memory foam. Many health specialists will tell you that the Sealy True form mattress is a good option, simply because of its shaping properties. Our spines have a ‘S’ shape and back problems are often caused by an incorrect sleeping position and support due to a weak or cheap mattress. This is especially true if the mattress is old and past its best.

Memory foam mattresses often don’t need to be turned over, which is probably good because they are quite heavy. Because they are so dense they also hold in your body heat very well and you will find them very warm and cosy in the winter, but possibly a little too warm in the summer months if you live in a hot country. Not everyone is ready to change from a traditional mattress to a whole foam one so there is an option that allows you to ‘test the water’ and that is to get a topper, you can see if you like it and if you do, go for the whole switch over.

One thing to bear in mind with memory foam mattresses is that they will give off a ‘chemical type’ smell for a few days after unwrapping. When your True Form mattress finally arrives it will be wrapped and rolled up most likely, so you should unwrap it and leave it to air out for a day or two before actually sleeping on it so you don’t have to breathe in chemicals for the first few nights.

There are many happy customers who testify to the comfort of the Sealy True Form mattress so it would definitely be a good buy, I even tested one myself a while back and it was extremely comfortable. As I mentioned before, it is cheaper than the Sealy Posturepedic mattress so is probably a good option if you’re on a limited budget. Sealy have also designed it to be layered which means that you won’t have quite so much problem with the heat, it will naturally expel body heat throughout the night. Of course as you would expect from Sealy you also have the peace of mind form their guarantee.

For me personally I love my posturepedic mattress, but whatever you decide you can’t go wrong with Sealy.

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