So you might have heard of Asea, the relatively new Network Marketing company, you might also have wondered if Asea is a scam and just selling bottles of salt water!

Asea themselves say that their product is actually based on 16 years of solid research, the product has also been highly endorsed by many top athletes who say they have broken personal records since taking the product. Asea contains sodium chloride and water, in essence this is saltwater. I’ve never tried the product myself so I won’t go casting aspersions. It contains Redox molecules which accelerates the bodies cell reproduction system along with immune system and energy release benefits.

You can get more information at the website, it will be an interesting read!

Whatever people may say, the bottom line is that there is a genuine product being sold here which has made a positive difference to many people’s lives, they can’t all be lying can they? So there can’t be an Asea scam

The company was created back in 2009 and is getting more popular as time goes on. It was founded by Verdis Norton and James Pack, Verdis took the idea to James who then whipped out his cheque book! Both men are very well experienced in the corporate business world, with Verdis having 30 years as a top player at Kraft Foods and James has built a very successful telecom consulting company!

You can find the Headquarters of Asea at the Wasatch, Salt Lake valley.

How will you make some dosh with Asea?

They are pretty standard in that they operate a binary compensation plan, it’s well worth reading up on how this works. If you work it properly you can make a lot of money in this system! There are seven ways in total to earn, as follows…Retail sales, Preferred customer bonus, Fast start bonus, Team commissions, Director’s bonus, Check match (very cool), Leadership pool (also very cool, if you can get there).

You have plenty of opportunity to make a profit with them.

They are getting more well know and more people are joining, there is the problem of the product though to consider, is it really just salt water? I would suggest anyone in this company to be 100% sure that they believe in the product, the best way is to try it for yourself.

Many people involved in Asea are going to struggle for one main reason and that is a lack of free mlm leads. You need to be receiving about 25 + leads per day before you start to see any life changing potential in your business, I speak from personal experience on this. Once you get to this level then you should be signing people up into your business every week and reaping the rewards of that. It’s also vital that you are generating affiliate sales from those people that don’t join your main business, if you are not then you are leaving a lot of money behind!

Finding a solution to these problems is the difference between success and failure, so make sure you solve them in your business permanently!

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