Technology can be a great ally in the search for a job and the quest for an education. However, I think it may be more of an enemy then a friend.

Back in yesteryear you most likely went into what your father did. If he was a blacksmith, you became a blacksmith; even if it’s not what you wanted to do. As the years went by, children began thinking for themselves and rebelling. Soon, they were free thinkers. Instead of following in their parents footsteps they veered from that path and blazed their own trail. My dad’s a lawyer, well not me, I’m gonna be a doctor.

Now, in this quest to be your own person, education and technology has been ever growing. So much so that now almost anyone can be almost anything. Combine this with the rising population and the increasing number of people receiving a secondary education and you start to get a problem. So many “educated” people in a dwindling job pool. The interesting high paying career fields are now oversaturated with possible employees. Add to that the internet job search and you no longer have to contend with people from your village, but your state, your county, your world. Anyone can apply for any job they want. Now the chances of you getting a job in your field are lower, which puts repaying your expensive student loans in the lead for biggest challenge above getting a job in your field of study.

I had a professor that did this exercise the first day of class. He broke down the cost of what we were paying for just his class. It was a big dick move that depressed damn near everyone that was paying their own way. He then added that when he went to school he paid a little more for his entire degree as we were for one quarter of classes. Something needs to be done. We are on our way to becoming the first generation that does worse then our parents, and there is no end in sight.

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