Fancy being able to play games online and win cash prizes but at the same time create a downline and residual income?

It’s no longer a fantasy, its reality, thanks to a company called Fantaz a new MLM company that have created an internet gaming platform. If you are interested in this opportunity, which you probably are as you are reading this article, you should register immediately. They will officially launch in November but pre registration is currently open.

I was surprised to learn that this opportunity has actually been in the pipeline for the last four years. The executive director is Bill McEwen and head of operations is Brian Weiner. The online gaming industry is MASSIVE, with over 4 billion people playing games online each year, there certainly is a market here.

There are two types of account you can sign up for, a free account or you can get yourself a ZBO account (Z Business Owner). Once you join up as a marketer there are three levels to choose from, with ‘expert’ being the highest level, which of course has the highest payout in the comp plan, incidentally which is an unilevel. $99 will get you in the door, this is an onetime fee, the pro and expert levels attract a monthly back office fee between 25 & 50 dollars

It’s up to you but you can play for free or take part in the cash games where you can win cash prizes. There are games to suit everyone, from NASCAR to Monopoly! There is a network marketing element attached to it so you can build a downline of players and recruiters under you. You will earn 10% of your personal tournament volume and 10% of your downlines personal tournament volume (PTV) to 7 levels deep, plus a bonus pool and there is also a fast start bonus. To qualify for the fast start you need to get five people in who qualify in their first month.

Because this is a new deal there is quite a bit of interest in it, if you are considering joining then I’d recommend having it as a sideline to your business. No doubt there is a wave of recruits right now, if you know how to market and get traffic it shouldn’t be too hard to get some signups pretty quickly. Right now there is nowt to pay, only on launch day will you be asked to pay any money. By then you may have scooped up a fair few signups.

I am eagerly waiting to see if this business takes off, either way now is the time to get involved and secure your position. As is the case with every MLM business, those that are good at MLM sponsoring and relationship building are the ones who will rise to the top. Can you create a good lead and traffic flow? Important things you need to ask yourself. If you can master these skills then you shouldn’t have a tough time making this work.

Also bear in mind that you will need a lot of people signing up to make a substantial amount of money as the commissions from each player will be small. So you need to be generating big traffic, this is after all going to be a numbers game. For some Fantaz will develop into a full time income, especially those who lock in there spot now, during pre-launch.

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