Many network marketers dread the thought of recruiting into their business because they deem it as hard.

For this reason they procrastinate to avoid the pain of talking to prospects and possibly facing rejection. This business is all about building passive wealth and there’s no way you will achieve that if you are not prepared to get out there and start sponsoring. One thing’s for sure, you won’t build a residual income single handed, you need to be mlm recruiting.

Just selling products on the front end may earn you some promotional income, but it won’t do anything for building passive wealth. You really don’t want to be a sales person on a commission only based salary do you?

You can only get paid in MLM for two specific actions. Number 1 is inviting as many folks as possible to watch your company presentation. Number 2 is following up with them.

If you spend 95% of your time focusing on these two activities, your business WILL grow.

If you’re marketing your business using the internet then don’t get caught up trying to be an internet ‘guru’, otherwise chances are you will spend the next 2 years learning all this stuff when you could have just picked up the telephone and talked to 1 or 2 people a day about your business. Yes, use the internet however you need, but don’t waste time on unnecessary tasks. I personally use the internet for generating leads and communicating with them, that’s all.

So is there a secret to recruiting lots of folks into your business? Not really, the key is simply to get a lot of people watching your presentations and that really is about it.

The following strategies I use in my business and I’m sure that they will help you too

Build a list of prospects, whether it be inside or outside your warm market, find a way to add to your list every day. This can be achieved using the internet. I personally use this method in my business, I set up a marketing sales funnel, drive traffic to it and also my personal blog, and people opt in to my websites and the prospecting process can begin.

Funnel prospects through a presentation process each and every day. Another easy way to do this is online using videos and live presentation webinars, you really can get some good results doing this.

If you really want to take things to the next level then you should be doing your own presentations, this elevates your status massively in the eyes of your prospects, and everyone wants to work with a leader. I speak from personal experience, as soon as I stated to do my own presentation videos and webinars, I recruited more people. My team also uses my presentations in their business, this allows duplication. If you’re not ready to do your own presentations then use your uplines, or someone’s who is good at it.

Its nice to think that you can have people automatically sign up with your business, but it often doesn’t happen that way, you need to personally connect with your prospect and this will mean calling them. The fact is that you need to be closing your sales after your prospect has seen your presentation. This is where the real sponsoring takes place.

You must master mlm sponsoring if you are going to build a successful business. It’s a learning curve and one that will pay you dividends once you get it right.

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