So is Genasante the legitimate home business opportunity you’ve been looking for?

They are of course a network marketing company and are solely focused on the health and wellness market. This is of course a very heavily saturated market so you should be aware of this right from the off.

Genasante is currently in their pre-launch phase and are accepting new members. Many people like to join a company that’s in its prelaunch phase and for good reason, you will be securing for yourself a good position in the company which could work to your advantage in the future. Obviously success isn’t guaranteed for just this reason, there’s a lot more to it than that.

Genasante’s products cover many of our needs as humans, there are mineral and vitamin supplements that support our bodies at DNA level, plus some very good skin care products. Interestingly they also produce olive oils and balsamic vinegar! These type of products are so common place these days, so there has to be something different about them if they are going to be more marketable than anyone else’s. In the case of Genasante, they distinguish themselves with the ingredient called Moormax.

Their whole range of supplements and products use this ingredient.

The MoorMax extract is created from a pure, rare, 18,000 year old Canadian bog and is an unique natural health nutrient containing highly-potent, highly-beneficial ingredients penetrate the skin, are easily absorbed and act as an effective delivery system to help carry nutrients.

Sounds pretty cool, certainly a good selling point I’ve no doubt.

An independent business owner is the title you will receive when you join Genasante. There are several different levels to join at to suit every budget, the most expensive being $999 which will give you an override of 40% on products and full access to the compensation plan.

What ways are there to make an income with Genasante

You are able to create an income from the compensation plan in five different ways, these are fast start bonus, retail product profit, leadership bonuses, matching bonus and if you get to the top diamond ranks then you will qualify for the leaders pool where you will get a percentage share of the company’s profits. This compensation plan is based on a binary arrangement so make sure that you fully understand how it works!

There are 3 main people heading up this company. All of the leadership team has many years experience in the direct selling industry and have held previous management positions.

What MLM training does the company provide?

It’s one of the faults of a lot of network marketing companies, is the lack of varied training for their distributor. It normally focuses around the family & friends thing which I’m sure you’re all too familiar with! This company does however provide some training, although limited. They have monthly conference calls and also training events regionally.

As an IBO you will be provided with your own company replicated website. It’s a pretty standard provision these days in the industry. Unfortunately these sites are not very good at selling and signing people up. A big problem is that they are just replicated sites, every distributor has a site that looks exactly the same! At the end of this article I will show you how to get round this problem.

Genasante is a genuine, honest business network marketing opportunity and if you know how to market and promote correctly you can do very well with it. Now would also be a good time to join as they are in pre launch right now (December 2010).

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