Had the radio going during lunch today. I usually sit at my desk at the Homes for Heroes office for lunch. It affords me time to rummage the office without too many questions. I heard something on the radio that made me laugh out loud. The commercial was dealing with kids concussions. Not that I think a kid with a concussion is funny but the ad was talking about a work shop that would discuss “impact testing” for kids! What does that mean? Do you attend these meetings to find out just how hard you have to hit your kid to induce a concussion? I think the ad writers need to clarify a little bit more, other wise I may just have to go home and start swinging and recording how hard I can hit before the kids go down.

Speaking of get hit hard, home sellers seem to be the punching bag today. I have heard stories of sellers offering cars along with the home. We have talked about the issues with short sales and banks. And I have told you all that it is a buyers market right now. Where does that leave the seller?

The seller wants to maximize his profit yet the buyers want the home for free. A price is usually agreed upon where both parties feel they have pulled the wool over the others eyes. That is the best scenario in a real estate, however, today that is a rare thing to find. So what must the seller do in order to feel like they got the best deal possible?

First and foremost the seller must take heed of this video. In order to price the home to take advantage of the market. Meaning that there are a lot of homes out on the market right now and a good amount of them are foreclosures, short sales and HUD homes. If the seller is not one of those categories the right price is where you are going to be able to compete. So take a look at the video and we will discuss what it means.

Different perspectives in Real Estate.

One of the hardest parts of a Realtors job is to get the seller to look at the home realistically. If you come to my home I can guarantee you that the home made spice rack I made out of old cheese boxes and baby food jars adds at least 2 or 3 grand to the home value. I built that myself and it is the neatest thing in the kitchen! Does that make sense? No, but when you sit down with your Realtor, they will listen to all those improvements and great things you have done to your home then with great tact and skill let you know that very few of them will have an impact on the home selling price. Ceiling mirrors hold no value while an additional bathroom will. Get the idea?

Next is staging your home. What does this mean? It means you have to make your house seem like you do not live in it and that you don’t own anything. All those great colors you fought with the spouse over, get rid of them. Cleaning? You will need to have the home so clean it will make a Drill Instructor cry. Your Realtor will usually have a check list of these things but if you are like me and do not read anything that does not have a cartoon on it, this next video will give you a good idea of what you will need to do to get your home ready to sell.

Staging your Home.

Now that them home has had 90% of its contents removed and stowed away and all traces of human beings erased you will need to market the home. If you think a sign in the front yard is all you need, think again. 70 to 80% of all home buyers are using the internet now to find their home. It is not like the old days when you got in the car and lugged the kids around the neighborhoods you liked looking for open houses. In todays market open houses are pretty much an invite to your neighbors so they can find out how much you are selling your house for and if they should get their home on the market. Your home should be marketed in several medias. But the biggest pay off is having your home all over the web. Make sure that your Realtor has the correct tools and skills that it will take to ensure that your home is seen by people not even looking for homes. I found this video and thought the Realtor that did this was spot on. The home sold if you can believe it.

All this can be yours for $$$

Now admit it, you might not have liked the home but you watched the whole thing. And I would be willing to bet that you were amused at the Realtors audacity. But the home sold is a short period of time. A good Realtor is a good marketer. Make sure you ask about marketing before you sign listing agreements. A Sunday ad in the local paper won’t cut it anymore.

This last video quickly sums up what a seller must know when selling a home. Again we see that it does not take a lot of money to market your home. This Realtor combines recycling and marketing and for an added bonus had a celebrity appearance. Watch and see how creativity from your Realtor can get your home sold.

Is it your Castle or some one else’s house?

Have you figured out that being the seller in todays market isn’t the end of the world. Sure, it smells funny and at times you might feel like someone is searing your eyes out with hot spoons, but if you stage, market and price your home correctly the pain only lasts weeks instead of months. Just remember, there is a silver lining in being a seller. Once the home sells, all those buyers that were trying to get your home for penny’s on the dollar, you get to be one. Revenge is sweet.

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