Recently I’ve come across a very talented internet marketer by the name of David Wood. ‘if only we all had his article marketing secrets‘ we would enjoy so much more success in our mlm business and for sure there is a very specific method of MLM sponsoring in order to be a top producer. Having been involved with mlm for some seven years or so, like most of us David struggled in building his business offline. To avoid confusion can I say to you that there is overwhelming evidence that building an mlm business using traditional methods DOES work despite the people who say ‘offline mlm’ is dead.

After a year and a half of living off of his dwindling residual income he drew a line in the sand and turned to the internet to market his mlm. David started internet marketing from an extremely small budget (just a couple hundred bucks), his situation was so bad that he often was concerned if he would actually be able to eat! This was 5 months ago. Now he is over $100,000 better off, generates over 80 leads a day for free and has now moved to a new home in Costa Rica with a beach outside his front door. Success is certainly something he takes seriously! Not a dime was spent on promotion & advertising either. ‘How is that possible?’ you ask.

In order to generate hugh volumes of traffic David makes use of article marketing secrets and content creation and it stands to reason that massive traffic equals massive results. Are you aware that you can rank on Google page one for some very competitive keywords by using these methods?. When David started his ranking on Alexa was non-existent, now his sites are ranked around 30,000, this is a quite remarkable achievement, particularly in just 5 months.

If you are going to write good articles then your content must be engaging. Your article should tempt the reader to click on you resource link and you must provide some good value content so that they will learn something new, do this right and you will generate some good traffic. Don’t forget that you are also getting linkbacks to you site which is what will have a major influence on your search engine position, usually the more links the better. However consistency is the key. To get some good expose once you have written your article you need to get it published onto some of the high traffic article directories, plus you should consider creating videos to promote your content so that you reach more people. Not many people know about another strategy that you can implement to further increase your exposure ten fold. More on that in the resource box.

It’s a fact that if you are unable to afford paid advertising then article and video marketing is right for you, understand though that it’s not totally free There is no doubt it takes time to get content out there but it can be very rewarding, check out the amount of traffic David gets, you will see what I mean. Don’t fall into the trap of stealing someone else’s articles because in the long run it just won’t work and is plagiarism and can get you in a lot of trouble. Creating your own unique versions of content will bring far better results and prospects. You will have a far more profitable business that way. What’s even more astounding is that David Wood achieved these amazing results for not just one website but for 2!

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