With all the panic and hysteria being brought about from our politicians we can’t help but hunker down for a good old fashion depression. I don’t think it will be a shoe boiling depression for a couple of reasons; because when I boiled my shoes at the Homes for Heroes office, no one wanted to share it with me and it would also mean our politicians were capable of doing anything right. But they have enough knowledge to be dangerous. So I suspect things could get bad for a while.

Because we will be forced to save our pennies we get to call it being frugal. Frugal let’s you be proud on how much you save and you won’t be considered a cheap son of a bum. You will soon see a rash of videos and blogs popping up telling you how to cook a healthy meal for four under a dollar a person. Well we are going to be on the forefront of that wave.

Want to be frugal eating healthy? I have a quick recipe and it feeds four. Chicken or beef stew. If you have a pressure cooker, the meal takes about 20 to 30 minutes tops. My wife doesn’t think stew can be made that fast, something about the word stew having something to do with stewing. Her stew cooks all day and is very yummie, but in the morning who wants to be peeling potato’s? The meal is great for any left over meats but if left overs scare you I have something thing to say. GET USED TO IT!!

Peel and cut up two medium size potatoes, then without washing off the knife cut up one or two carrots. Rinsing off the knife would not be frugal. I usually use one big carrot or two small. If you are the adventurous type cut up a celery stalk. Put these into the pressure cooker, or in a pot of water and get them pressuring. While that is going on put about 2 to 3 cups of water, the meat and about 4 appropriate flavored bullion cubes into a pot and get that boiling. So now you have two pots of stuff boiling. I know you are thinking why not just use one pot? You can’t, and that will soon be revealed. Back to watching the pot boil. As they are boiling grab a piece of tupperware and put in 3 table spoons of flour and about 1/2 cup of water. Shake the ever living heck out of it for about a minute. As the meat (which I hope you cubed) is boiling slowly pour in the flour/water mixture constantly stirring until the stuff looks like gravy. When the veggies are done, drain and dump them into the gravy. Add salt, pepper and onion to taste and let simmer for about 10 minutes. Dinner is ready.

Cost of the meal? If you used left over meat, $1.62 if you were a weenie and bought fresh stuff $4.62. And the bonus is you get to feel all outdoorsy like for not cleaning your knife in between cuts. Now some may take being frugal a step to far. This next video is something I would not recommend. I don’t call this being frugal, I call it being a criminal and bum and some one I would not let my daughter marry or even date for that matter.

A good example on how not to be frugal.

Since not all of us are willing to live under the neighbors porch, we will move on to a cheap frugal dessert that the kids will love to make. It only takes about as long as the next video and it is easier to show you than describe it to you. I hope your kids as enthusiastic as these are. Especially when it comes to cleaning up.

These kids are too happy.

As most of you know, Google and I seem to have a tepid relationship. They tolerate me, but just barely. As I was searching You Tube for the cup cake recipe, Google thought they would add a few bonus videos into the fray. They caught my eye (No pun intended as you will soon see.) and being todays blog is about being frugal I will throw them in. For you guys after watching these you will appreciate the softer gender all the more. For you gals all I can say is I am glad I did not have to go through this in boot camp. I might not have made it.

I didn’t realize that you needed something industrial to remove make up.

This next gives me the eebie geebies. But I am going to get some thread at home tonight and try it on my ear hair.

Next blog I will have some neat frugal tips on growing some veggies at home. It is a real cost saver and will provide fun and entertainment for the whole fam damily. But something we have ignored for a couple of weeks. WHAT IS IT?

No, stop putting it in your nose.

No, stop putting it in your nose.

This one is bizarre in nature. You must really be dedicated to your loved ones to use it. Brave too. There is a danger to using one of these. Have you figured it out yet? I gave you plenty of hints. Last one, Crest is not recommended. There ya go! They are tooth brushes for your pets. Go figure. I know you can’t wait till tomorrow to find out more so I will leave you with your anticipation.

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