If you live with bowel control issues, you know first hand the humiliation that odor can cause.

From time to time life happens and you can not get away to change your adult diaper. You are at the mall, on in a plane, you’re at work, or maybe you are at school and you’ve forgotten your extra supplies, or you can’t get away to change because there’s no where to change. The predicament is worse if it’s a hot, maybe even clammy, summer day, and odors are aggravated.

The embarrassment as people around you appear to smell the air, and you’re keeping your eyes pointed foremost praying, hopeful, that no one knows that it’s you. Or, alternatively, you are pretending as you’re smelling the air too – trying to redirect the long hard look away from you.

Customarily people do not choose to sit in a grubby adult diaper – but when life happens and you can’t change your grungy adult diaper – what can you do to cover the… ahem… smell?

When you are desperate, you’ll employ anything to try and cover up the odors emerging from the adult diaper. Ferret out a fuel station and stock up on those air freshners and wear them in your adult diaper. There’s a cartoon for you!

In all seriousness it doesn’t have to be that way…the cure is easier than you may surmise – and quite wallet friendly! A travel sized spritzer container filled with water and a drop or two of essential oils. Stand by – men – before we lose your attention — not all essential oils are ‘girlie’ scented. So, using essential oils will not make you ‘womanish’.

You’ll need a typical and a small (travel-sized), spray bottle, essential oils and water. Essential oils can be purchased as a single oil or oil blends. Many big commercial stores and your local pharmacy carry these oils and they can also easily be found online. Many malls have specialty shops dedicated to soaps and oils. You can find “feminine” oils (botanic scents like Geranium, Lavendar, Jasmine) or masculine (earthscents like Cedarwood, Oakmoss, Black Pepper, Sandalwood, most citrus scents, etc).

Though several of the more red-blooded scents are not automatically quickly attainable (like Black Pepper) at your community drugstore stores, if you look for masculine blends – you will find that many blends incorporate several essential oils into a blend.

Take your spray bottles, drop in1-3 drops of the essential oil (3 drops for the everyday spray bottle, 1 drop for the small (pocket-sized) spray bottle – then fill with water.

Before going out for the day – take your run-of-the-mill-sized spray bottle and freely squirt your adult diaper – one quick spray will do it. Pack the small (travel-sized) spray bottle in your supply bag, within effortless reach. This will help cover any troubling odors. And, because the smaller spray bottle is travel-sized, it fits conveniently into a pocket or purse – backpack, laptop bag – you guessed it – no one has to know. Then, if you recognize in the heat of the day that you’re not smelling as fresh – you can discreetly bring out your bottle and add another spritz. All people will perceive is the scent of your selection of essential oil.

An added treasure to this cost effective way of controlling odor, is that you and every person around you benefits from the properties of the essential oil. As we all know, Lavender has a peaceful affect, Grapefruit promotes concentration, eases stress and revives the spirit, Peppermint helps allay headaches.

You can even have a little bit of merrymaking during Christmas season – by using holiday scents – so everyone thinks you’re certainly in the Christmas spirit!

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