Anyone who consists of ever misplaced a bookmark listing will instantly appreciate the value of this awesome Firefox supplement.

Firefox is one of the most popular internet browsers in the world. One of the reasons used for its reputation is the more than 2.5 million add-ons out there toward users. These add-ons enable people to customise and improve the web-surfing experience as well as enhance their productivity. Below are 5 of essentially the most awesome Firefox add-ons available today.


Do you ever create uninterested in having toward click on by mode of a number of net pages and wait whereas they load whenever you read a lengthy article or take a look at a number of pages of search outcomes? In that case, then AutoPager is the ideal adding intended for you.

It robotically masses the subsequent page if you lead to toward the end of a page. It really works for many web sites and intended for these it doesn’t, you can make modifications toward AutoPager that produce them operate too.

Video DownloadHelper

There’s a series of cool content on different video websites, equivalent to YouTube, but it’s a must to maintain visiting the website each time you want to see a specific video.

The Video DownloadHelper extension means that you can download video and images from just about any web site and retailer it on your computer. If your favourite video is ever removed from the web, you will still receive a copy. Video DownloadHelper is free, but the creator strongly encourages donations of $10. This awesome addition is well value it.


Fasterfox is a well-liked Firefox extra that hastens internet-web page loading. It does this with tweaking the browser settings to optimize them and by overriding among the browser functions. You can even significance it toward customize cache capability and to dam popups that get previous different popup blockers.

Fasterfox can’t give out miracles, however the majority customers discover that it’s top-of-the-line extensions meant for speeding up Firefox.

Session Manager

Session Manager is one other very talked-about Firefox adding that may create your life easier. Have you ever ever had several tabs open in Firefox and wished to save lots of the entire session and open it later? Contains your pc ever crashed, causing you toward lose your open tabs?

Then you definately need Session Manager. This adding permits you to save teams of tabs and windows and open them later. It robotically saves and restores open tabs if your browser crashes. You possibly can even customize several of Session Supervisor’s features. For instance, you possibly can instruct it to ask you if you want to restore the previous session or start a new one each time you start Firefox.

Xmarks Sync

Xmarks Sync is the coolest bookmarking extension available. It backs up and synchronizes all your bookmarks and favorites throughout browsers equivalent to Firefox, Chrome, Explorer and Safari and across computers. By Xmarks Sync, you don’t have toward lose your bookmarks if you have to reload your browser or if the onerous drive on certainly one of your computers fails.

Anyone who consists of ever lost a bookmark listing will immediately appreciate the value of this superior Firefox extra.

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