The Pine Cone Bird Feeder is one of my kid’s favorites and I also have fond memories of making these bird feeders in elementary school. This is a great endeavor for classrooms, scouting, or a play date and it’s appreciated by children of all ages. It’s an easy project, not mess free, but easy.

You will need; bird seed, pine cones, icing or peanut butter, spatulas, and pipe cleaners.

First, parents should prepare an area to get messy. I find Newspapers on a table work best, outside is even better, but you can also use a paper plate per child. Place a fair amount of birdseed in a shallow baking dish. Now get the kiddos.

Each child should start with one pine cone. Attach a pipe cleaner to the top of the cone, twisting the pipe cleaner around the cone in between the scales. Yarn or ribbon would also work, children will just need more assistance.

This is when it gets messy. Give each child a spatula, spreader, or plastic knife. Have the children spread the peanut butter or icing covering the cone completely. I have always used peanut butter, but icing is the safer alternative for large groups because of allergies.

The kids should then take their slathered cone and roll it in the bird seed, again covering it completely.

That’s it you’re finished! Now find a place to hang your feeders by twisting the pipe cleaner tightly around a branch, and enjoy watching your feathered friends all winter long.

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