Like most everyone, I have friends and associates that have tried the hcg diet, almost entirely with remarkable success. I have a few pounds to lose myself, so I decided to dig in and get out what is at the basis of this diet.

HCG – What is it?

Human chorionic gonadotrophin is put together in terrific amounts – as much as a million I.U.s per day by pregnant females. The hormone is not naturally found in females – or men – at any more time. HCG is not a ‘sex’ hormone, that is it has the same effect in men as in women. Its function appears to be in regulating fat levels, with no added observed effects, in men or females. It is noteworthy to recognize that the therapeutic dose of hCG for dieting is less than 1/1000 of the amount of hCG excreted daily by a pregnant woman.

HCG and Weight loss

In the late 1950’s the British endocrinologist Albert T. W. Simeons had been living and working in India. While in India, his studies examined a cross section of pregnant women who were plagued by calorie deficient diets. To his astonishment, Dr. Simeons recorded that these “starving” pregnant women, reacted differently to their substandard diet when correlated with non-pregnant women undergoing the same diet stress. The pregnant population selectively lost nearly exclusively fat tissues, while preserving lean mass, and providing a disproportionate ration of nutrition to the developing fetus. Dr. Simeons deduction was the hCG had been responsible for the change in the way the body deals with a starvation diet. Simeons, while working at Salvator Mundi International Hospital in Rome, somewhat later in his career, experimented with low-dose hCG injections in combination with ultra-low-calorie diet. Dr. Simeon had been largely able to earn the same forfeiture of adipose tissue without loss of lean tissue that he had earlier recorded in the impoverished women of India.

HCG Clinical Studies

In 1964, Dr. Simeon published “A New Approach to Obesity”, consolidating his work in and a series of papers on his experience with using hCG as part of a weight loss protocol. Dr. Simeon set out to tested his observation that the hCG hormone found in pregnant females would react in his test subjects in the same way, signaling the body to burn excess fat, in response to a very low calorie diet. Dr. Simeon found that his patients that followed a very low calorie diet plan enjoyed an increased metabolic rate – an increase as much as 30%, and a corresponding weight loss. More significantly, he found that hCG “opened only the excess fat cells allowing excess fat to be burned”. No other time, purely in the presence of hCG, does the human body make that happen. Simeon recorded that in contrast to diets that solely restrict calories, hCG dieters burned the excess fat cells, sparing lean body tissues and needed fat, literally sculpting their bodies, losing inches as well as pounds. More significantly Dr. Simeon observed that his patients were able to stay on their diets, without reports of the driving hunger that plagues most low calorie dieters.

The Hope of hCG

According to Simeon, the hCG diet program addresses the foundation of the dilemma with weight gain. Most diets are for life, because when you reach your goal weight your hypothalamus (where you have a base weight set in the brain) thinks it needs to be at your pre-weight loss weight, so it lowers your metabolism, switching it into a storing mode, and causing the body to re-gain the weight lost.

About the Author:

Mrs. Brown is a serial dieter, who lost – and kept off – 27 pounds in 40 days using hCG drops. Follow this link for a free copy of Dr. Simeons “A New Approach to Obesity

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