Win32.AutoIt is one malicious virus very distinguished these days in the largest part unprotected systems. This virus is also referred toward as Win 32.Worm and Worm.AutoIt. It is a worm sort virus and the dimensions of the information infected by method of this virus can vary from 220Kb to 275Kb. This worm as per report primary appeared on the twentieth of November 2006. Since then, even the top 10 software corporations in India and elsewhere are having a hard run over fixing this problem solely toward see other more essential virus being born.

Another feature of the virus is that it does medium injury toward a computer as in comparison to other new viruses like the Trojan. It impacts the pc by system of creating copies of itself on local disks (inclusive of all sub folders) and write-accessible removable disks. It is in the type of a Windows PE EXE file and is packed using UPX. One can know that a computer involves been affected by this virus from the following visible signs:

1. The worm or virus copies its executable recordsdata toward root of all write-accessible detachable disks under the identify New Floder.exe
2. It additionally drops the next malicious files:
– %Windows%\RVHOST.EXE
– %Mode%\RVHOST.EXE (each of which are copies of itself)

Technically talking, the worm, as soon as launching, copies its executable file to the Home windows approach and root directories:


The worm provides a hyperlink toward its executable file to mode registry once the way is rebooted to be able to make sure that the worm is launched automatically.

[HKCU\Software program\Microsoft\Home windows\CurrentVersion\Run]
“Yahoo Messengger” = “%Manner%\RVHOST.exe”
[HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Home windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]
Shell = “Explorer.exe RVHOST.exe”

It also copies its executable file to the root of all write-accessible detachable disks underneath the identify – New Folder.exe. This goes on by all folder on detachable disks. Every worm within the every folder could have the same name because the folder toward which it is copied by a “.exe” extension.

Win32.AutoIt creates the following fashion registry major parameters:

[HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Home windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Manner]
DisableRegistryTools = 1
DisableTaskMgr = 1

These parameters thereby prevents or terminates the launching of registry modifying instrument and activity manager and likewise some duties related toward antivirus and firewalls solutions.
Based on a prime software program firm in India, there are an entire bunch of studies each month related to this virus affecting systems. The query is how does this virus propagate? Win32.AutoIt could possess been downloaded as a file from a malicious website or maybe introduced in through another malware. One other manner is the utilizing of detachable disks like pen-drives and other media devices.

How can one take away this worm from a style? It may be eliminated through following the given removal instruction:

1. Put an finish to the worm process by style of getting into the below given command within the command line.
taskill /IM RVHOST.exe

2. Delete the unique worm file.

3. Perform the following instructions within the command line which can activate the Registry Editor and Activity Manager.

reg delete HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Way /v DisableTaskMgr
reg delete HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Model\Policies\Mode/v Disable RegistryTools

4. reply “y” and press Enter in order to verify the deletion of the parameters

5. the next mode registry main value also needs to be deleted.

6. [HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Home windows\CurrentVersion\Run]
“Yahoo Messengger” = “%Style%\RVHOST.exe”

7. The modified registry central value must be reverted toward the under given worth.

[HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]
Shell = “Explorer.exe”

8. The following files must be additionally deleted


9. All copies of the worm must be deleted

10. An entire method scan of the pc needs toward be performed once updating antivirus databases.

Win32.AutoIt is little question a virus which actually effects a method’s efficiency however it will also be eliminated and avoided. Additionally it is advised that one ought to install an effective antivirus software program and one should download multimedia or software from trusted software growth firm or service providers.

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