Did you ever have one of those mornings where when you got up your left hip seems to be out of socket, your right arm is so sore and stiff you can’t move it and your neck is so twisted and sore that you finally get to see how hairy your back is? Well I had that morning this morning. I barely made it into the office today. I am not sure why I had to pop my hip into place in order to get down the stairs. Nor did I understand why I could not get the tooth brush in my arm up to my mouth or even move my head enough to meet the arm.

The wife gave a knowing giggle when she heard the loud pop coming from the top of the stairs. I mentioned I don’t understand what happened, how could I sleep so fitfully and yet not be able to get parts moving in the morning. She said it was all part of getting old! Ninjas don’t get old I replied. Then it must have been the Shepherd Pie. Ahhh!!! She’s right.

We had Shepherd pie for the first time last night. I had heard of it before and always thought it something exotic. So I was a little disappointed to find it was not that much different than pot pie and for the money I think you can make a pot pie a little cheaper. Remember, frugality will be with us for awhile.

Speaking of being frugal. Has anyone seen in the produce department lettuce that is sold with the roots still attached? It usually comes in a plastic container similar to the one in the picture and is sold on the premise that it is so fresh it is still growing in your fridge.

It is packages like this and has roots.

It is packages like this and has roots.

Well we get a couple of those in the spring then plant them in the garden. We eat salads 2 to 3 times a week in the warmer season, so we figure we beat the system by purchasing these heads of lettuce and having them in the garden. That way we don’t have to buy lettuce every week at the grocery store. Just make sure to keep the rabbits away. They love the stuff. But I suspect this summer might not be a problem. We will talk about traps and rabbit recipes another time. I have been practicing making my dead weight trap this winter in the office. You would be surprised at how many people try to trip it and come away with sore fingers!

The other thing we just started this winter was growing our own green onions. It was fluke actually. The wife and I have a pet name for our refrigerator, it is called the pre-compost bin. We let all our vegetable matter get really soft and smooshy in the fridge before bringing it out to the compost pile.

These guys grow like crazy.

These guys grow like crazy.

Can’t seem to eat those darn veggies fast enough. Well we had some green onions sitting in there all wilted and slimy. We hadn’t eaten a one, and I was in a frugal mood and was not going to let a little spoilage wreck my grocery budget. So I cut the wilted tops off leaving about an inch or so of the bottom. I got some potting soil out of the garage and planted those suckers. Put them in the window and now have a constant supply of green onions. I just cut what I need and they keep growing. So it has been about 3 months now and I have not had to dole out the fifty cents it costs to buy them at the store. Huge savings, something like $25 over the course of the a year if you buy them weekly. Okay it might not be huge but I envision my future grand kids having a blast picking lettuce and cutting onions for dinner.

Oh, don’t worry, I will have more of these neat little frugal ideas for your home and office. Tomorrow we will discuss home and office lighting techniques that will save money and look really cool too!

We had an incident the other day in the office. No, I was not involved! Even though I kept getting looks from my colleagues while we were watching the event unfold. I tell ya, once you get a reputation…… We heard tires screeching in the parking lot and all of us ran over to the window to see what was happening. A female was backing her car out of the parking spot and a young driver of the bull headed gender was traveling through the parking lot at a rate of speed similar to that of the local freeway. Well these two things by themselves was not really the issue. These two things happening at the same time was the issue. As the lady was backing out the kid saw her with just enough time to skid about 30 feet through the parking lot. No vehicular contact was made and all seemed fine. I let out a sigh and muttered, “Women drivers.” That’s when I noticed the first look.

We waited to see if anything else would happen. It was either that or get back to work. For three full minutes, neither car moved. I think they were both waiting for the other to move first. One would expect the lady to pull back in to the spot and another would expect the young kid to let her go now that he is stopped. Neither was taking place. The young kid honks his horn first and that is immediately followed by the women honking back. This could get good I thought, but the women pulled into the spot and as the kids starts to pass her she puts her car into reverse and starts backing out again! She doesn’t hit him but I think he learned his lesson.

As we all headed back to our desks some one asked me what I meant about women drivers. I said nothing but sent them this video by email. I thought it was funny, but my boss didn’t. How one can get into trouble for stating fact I’ll never know. You watch the video and tell me if I am wrong.

This is a video that has been floating around in the email world and it is what got me in trouble.

See? It is not me, women can make some bad decisions. Now I am in trouble again. Gotta go talk to my boss about this blog. Talk to you tomorrow.

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