It appears that the entire industrialized world is shifting towards a technologically advanced surveillance society. This goes towards every thing that we stand intended for in the United States, as our Constitution gives intended for particular person privateness, and individual liberties. The framers of our Structure were fairly concerned with huge government, search and seizure laws, and abuse of power.

In London what time the riots through the second week in August in 2011, we noticed that they are putting in extra closed-circuit TV cameras, and utilizing social networks to catch those individuals concerned within the protests, riots, and looting of stores. Sure, there is much legal intent through those that had been throwing Molotov cocktails, and firebombing cars, storefronts, and apartments. The looting was as unhealthy, or worse than the looting we noticed through the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in Modern Orleans.

Nevertheless it’s not simply in Europe the place they are putting in more surveillance cameras. It is also happening throughout the Middle East, and in China. Now I understand nobody is stunned on the subject of this since it is a centralized communist government, so naturally they’d put up more surveillance cameras to protect their authority base, but it surely does increase eyebrows and additional concerns. Clearly China is anxious concerning additional civil unrest, ethnic rioting, indignant labor, and anyone that opposes them. We all know this, and they create it no secret.

In Homeland Safety News there was an fascinating article published on August 10, 2011 named; “China’s large surveillance push,” which said;

“Police in Beijing retain ordered supermarkets and procuring malls all through the city to put in high-definition safety cameras; the latest order comes as part of a broader enlargement in monitoring expertise which includes the extra of millions of surveillance cameras over the past five years and huge will increase in home security spending. Now to keep tabs on its citizens, police in Beijing have invested in supermarkets & procuring malls all through town to put in high-definition safety cameras.”

Now then contemplate the usage of social networks, facial recognition, and closed-circuit TV. China says it is using this to guard its society and civilization from prison exercise, however we all know higher, they are protecting themselves from civil unrest, and a rising anger at their authoritarianism and management over the population. What issues me in relation to this is that because the world turns into nearer together, and humanity becomes an one world aspect is that we can anticipate extra of this to occur in the United States.

Typically, here the United States we borrow the things different nations are doing and significance that here. And other nations do the identical when they have a look at what we’re doing in our society, and what is working. Unfortunately, the closed-circuit TV techniques and surveillance systems, along with the social networks, and all the facial recognition technologies are all designed, developed, invented, and innovated within the US. Mainly they are using our applied sciences to do damage.

Certainly, I might such as you to contemplate that final remark from a philosophical perspective. I don’t like these traits, and we must always all be concerned and troubled by the things this means in favor of a world society and our future. Suppose on it.

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