As this is my first book review here I decided to start with a book I know well and absolutely love. I admit that I may be a little biased when it comes to Terry Pratchett, the man can do no wrong in his writing. Small Gods is just a showcase of Pratchett’s ability to delve into deep issues in a humorous and seemingly lighthearted way.

On the surface, Small Gods is simply a fairy tale store set in a land of fantasy. A god named Om becomes stuck in a turtle’s body and needs the help of the fairly thick-headed boy Brutha to gather new followers. Hilarity ensues. It is possible to read this simply as an entertaining story, and in that regard alone it is still an enjoyable book and would get my recommendation. What takes this book to a whole other level is the satiric element underneath the story.

Pratchett uses this story to delve into the nature of monotheistic religions and just religion in general. He addresses the question of how Gods come into existence and where their divine power comes from. Issues such as how much power Gods have over their followers while at the same time relying on their followers are masterfully addressed. These are just some of the theological questions raised throughout the book, it seems every time I read through it I find another point raised that I hadn’t noticed before.

Overall, this book is a great read whether you are just looking for a humorous fantasy adventure or looking for a book with some deeper meaning. For the inaugural book review I give Terry Pratchett’s Small Gods 5 books out of 5. Furthermore, I give this book the soon to be coveted Gonzo’s Book of the Month Award! Check it out, you will become addicted to Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series, I guarantee it.


Book of the Month Award

Book of the Month Award


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