On the famous hacker conference in Las Vegas, among the laptop security industry professionals there obtain created an UAV which can fly around and break into computer systems via their wi-fi connections. Is this a new scheme? Is this an revolutionary thought? I’d submit to you that it isn’t a new unique thought, as I had written an article regarding this a 12 months or so ago on such a concept, and there are old tales of UFOs flying over missile silos containing ICBMs during the Cold Conflict, and shutting down your entire way.

Sure I do know, speaking about UFOs, or unidentified flying objects, seems somewhat bizarre. But, whether or not or not these tales are true, hardly matters, because the stories return to the 1970s and really this modern hacking technique, which will most likely be utilized by the US military just isn’t a new thought, we can hint its origins back over 4 decades. Nevertheless, it’s interesting newer technology, and maybe we should talk about this.

There was an interesting article in Physorg [dot] com just lately on August 6, 2011 known; “Hacker drone launches airborne cyber assaults,” written by mode of Glenn Chapman which stated;

“Pc safety specialists constructed a small MAV drone plane that can launch airborne cyber attacks, hijacking cell phone calls, and even delivering an unclean bomb. It is loaded with software program toward attack Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GSM cell networks. The MAV grabs packets of data sent on wireless networks or unsecured scorching spots as gateways to carry in to laptop systems. It could possibly carry GMS mobile phone IDs used to bill outgoing calls. Hackers can impersonate cell phone towers and listen in on people’s calls.”

Maybe, it is a good cause intended for individuals to secure their Wi-Fi at residence, or of their businesses, and not leave open networks, because hackers can break in. It is also a very good reason for presidency laptop techniques, and large firms toward assume twice concerning having any sort of wi-fi communication too accessible, or permitting an excessive amount of info toward circulation by them, which is of high value, proprietary, secret, or involving monetary transactions.

We have always recognized that someone can park a Van close to a Wi-Fi connection, and attempt to interrupt into the pc method. In Silicon Valley there own been computer professionals which did this very often to check the safety of varied corporations. Flying a small mannequin airplane or micro air car, or even an army UAV over a location toward produce into the means may certainly assist the cyber warfare element of the US military. We are able to additionally expect that our enemies will strive to do that toward us too, and sadly we are able to additionally count on criminal hackers toward attempt to break into our personal information on this method.

Indeed, simply whenever you thought it was protected to use your cell phone, Wi-Fi, or wi-fi community – somebody has invented a business new method to lead to in. Be careful out there folks, indeed I hope you will please take into account all this and think on it when you’re devising a technique meant for Internet security and protected cell phone transactions.

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