Their life began in January 2009 and there have been some outstanding income claims made by representatives involved in this company which is why I was intrigued and wrote a TVI Express review. I checked out all their information on the official website but after a great deal of time looking through their material there was still one question unanswered, ‘What’s the actual product?’ This is always concerning for me as the word illegal Ponzi pops into my head.

After some further research I was still none the wiser, I even spoke to some TVI reps and they didn’t seem to have any definite answers other than you are awarded a 6 night hotel voucher when you pay your $250 to join up

There is no definite range of products offered by TVI, which makes me feel uncomfortable

How does anyone make any money with TVI Express?

By bringing in other people into this system is how you earn money. TVI has what is called a rotating matrix pay plan. When you get started, you will begin your journey on the Travel Board and will ‘cycle’ your way up to the top of the matrix at which point you will be ‘pushed’ out to the next level and be paid $500. You will then be promoted to the ‘Express board’ and repeat this ‘cycle’ and every time you do, you will be paid $10,000 (apparently). To join MLM with TVI there is an onetime only payment of $250. By recruiting 2 members into the scheme you will earn the right to get your reward payments.

Why is it possible to get such large rewards from sponsoring only 2 people? Because right now thousands of people are signing up in the hope of riches and paying their $250 fee and assuming that this keeps happening the matrix ‘cycling’ can continue. Members can repeat this as many times as they like for the time they stay in the program (so TVI says).

These kind of schemes will always fizzle out eventually. Being no products as such (other than the ‘hope’ of wealth) then the minute folks stop joining and paying $250, so the matrix will cease to rotate and its game over. Because standard companies that operate on an MLM business model sell tangible products, people still profit after saturation occurs.

Is this a modern day Ponzi?

Well when looking at an MLM company to join I always look at the products and if they provide REAL value to the end user. I will always figure out if the company’s product/s would sell by themselves; even if there was no comp plan involved. TVI Express fails on both points in my opinion.

Is this an opportunity you should sign up with

It certainly looks an attractive comp plan. But I wouldn’t recommend trying to recruit anyone that trusts you or sees you as an expert. One final word of warning, I have read on various forums that you don’t necessarily get paid cash, but in vouchers, which you can then redeem against discount holidays and travel.

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