In traditional times, St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated with the color blue. This color had long been associated with the Saint and his work. However, in modern times, green has replaced blue in cultural prominence. This occurred from the Irish people themselves wearing a shamrock on one’s clothing during the holiday. Many people throughout the nation would refer to the phrase “wearing of the green” and ask each other if they supported Ireland. In traditional times, the shamrock was a symbol of Irish heritage, nationalism and pride.

To St. Patrick, the shamrock was a vision of Roman Catholic faith. He believed the shamrock to be a divine plant that expressed the feelings of the Holy Trinity in nature. This helped pre-Christian Irish understand the fundamentals of the religion.

Most historians take this color change to have occurred around the 1750s with the rise of the national pride in Ireland and the shamrock as the nation’s symbol. Within a few decades, blue had been replaced by green.

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