Well, let us face it, planning for a big event or a big party can really get complicated. For this reason successive organizers knows that, the simpler the plan, the better the results. Those organizers who come up with the best ideas are in great demand by a whole range of clients. These clients can be the big corporate companies or individual people who want their special occasion to be remarkable. They want the occasion to be unique. The event planner should be adventurous and dependable.

Before the big day, the venue should be located and confirmed as the actual place of the event. You should have known all your occasion special needs before engaging entertainers or signing up the chief speaker.

A good planner should develop sound and creative strategies to realize a successive event without compromising their client’s expectations. To make the event a success one should take the following steps:


· Purpose

The intent for the event should warrant the trouble and expenses you have taken to organize the event.

· Decide on the type of event and its purpose

· Select a committee or some assistant to help you with planning

· Decide on the target group and their preferences

· Do event evaluation to gauge its success or failure

Create a checklist

Before planning your event, you should have all necessary information on your fingertips. Basic information such as event name, event date and time, event location, speakers and special guest, expected attendance should be catered for. Other necessities such as physical inevitable like; Furniture (chairs and tables, podiums), foods and beverages, audiovisual equipments, room or venue arena and others should be taken care off in the checklist.

Establish a budget

For any occurrence, there must be a guideline to the usage of the resources available. This is where the budget comes in. It helps to keep track of the money available otherwise; you may overestimate or underestimate the financial ability on your fingers. You should have a definite budget, which should include financial prospects and event general expenses such as food, supplies, permits, beverages, security etc

Advertisement plan

Successive event planners are aware of the publicity importance in their planning. They creatively promote their events. This should be with the intention to reach the targeted occasion’s group audience. Publicity may be done through a variety of media such as print media, radio, television, word of mouth. If it is well done the result are usually very encouraging, not only do you realize the required revenue but also the event goals are achieved.


This is a very important consideration for any event planner. With the many ongoing rackets, details are sure to be counter checked. Otherwise, you may leave out important logistics. You need to plan about the space size, premises allocation, setup-this includes tables and chairs, tents, parking available, transportation and many others. This normally depends largely on the type of event you are organizing. For events such as Weddings or social events like for family get-together, you should consider how your clients would reach the venue for the event. You should consider emergency plans and security for your clients as it is a part of an event success.

Another area you should put emphases on, is the evaluation of the whole event. This should be done immediately after completion of the event. Question the people who attended on what they thought about the whole event. The questions may be in form of a questionnaire printed on a printout. Remember to query the event owners about what they thought about the whole event. By doing this, the chances of improvement in future events are greatly enhanced. You will know about your limitations and successes in future planning.

The final step after a successive event is to thank all those who attended the occasion bearing in mind to have special acknowledgment to event owners.

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