MLM marketing can be a very difficult industry to be successful in, those involved for some time will know what I mean. It’s a fact that 95% of the people who get involved with this industry usually end up spending more than they make! This is what happened to me without the right MLM success training. My early days in the network marketing industry were spent with a health & nutrition company, I was hopeless at recruiting and made only a small profit from selling products. Many an hour I spent madly trying to show my prospects that my mlm company could make them wealthy which was difficult because it wasn’t exactly working out well for me!

Many fall into the trap of moving around to different companies, one company doesn’t make them any money so they assume the company and products are no good. There is no doubt in my mind that the mlm model is the best around for building residual wealth but you have to stick with it and MASTER the techniques and principles that drive people to take action. By just moving onto another opportunity you will carry the old problems with you and that problem is that you don’t know how to properly recruit the right people into your organisation.

It’s no good if the products of your mlm company are no good. You need to ask yourself the question, if the product did not have a compensation plan attached to it would it still sell? If you are unable to answer that question with a yes then for definite you ought to change to a different company. You also need to consider how you will build your business, do you have a large database of business contacts and people that you could share your opportunity with and the right MLM tools? Most newbie’s wont and so it won’t be too long before they have no one else to prospect and an mlm business with no leads is NEVER going to get off the ground.

I had this exact problem to start with and for five years I was hunting around for leads using methods such as making those horrible cold calls, talking to my friends about my business and leaving those annoying cards on people’s cars. Things got really bad for me and I was ready to throw the towel in and forget my dreams, but one day I had the thought of building my business online. It made sense as instantly I have a database of potentially millions of leads but like many people who turn to the internet I was still banging my head against a brick wall as I didn’t know how to market online.

Since then I have spent about 3 months solidly searching, watched countless hours of training material and paid out a fair bit of cash for training products, but the end result is that it certainly does work online, you will need to be ready to work though, the internet is not some lottery ticket or magic ticket to wealth, you will need to invest a lot of time and effort to get things moving. Don’t be fooled though into thinking that you can now hide behind a computer for the rest of your life, you will still need to get out there and do your phone calls and belly to belly interactions. Using the technology available to us today online I have been very successful in recruiting far more people than I ever could have done offline.

If you are considering building your business online then like the Nike advert says ‘Just Do It’ because it works IF you get the right mlm success training and know how to leverage the systems available like My Lead System Pro.

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