If you have had a network marketing business for a while you know just how tough it can be. It’s true that most will not have any success in this business model. It certainly was that way for me for a long time as I lacked MLM success training. My first network marketing company was Lifestyles, who sell health products, I did sell some products to some regular customers but it was very difficult to build a downline of distributors. Much of my time was spent on trying to convince folks to join my team and that my business was the best out there and that they could get rich if they joined me, meanwhile I was struggling to make a dime myself!

It’s true that many network marketers are like butterflies, they settle on one opportunity for a while and when it does not work out they move onto something else. Most of us would admit that mlm is a sure-fire way to create lasting income but it won’t work if you are not trained and skilled in the methods that must be employed in order to recruit new distributors. You must learn the real secrets to getting people to join your downline and then motivating them to take action, otherwise you will keep banging your head against the wall regardless of which company you join.

One key point you need to consider is that you need to have products that customers will want and need. Make sure that the products would sell on their own and that people are not just buying them because they have to to keep their auto ship going and meet the compensation plan minimum sale volume requirements, ask will these products stand up on their own? If the products don’t stand up to this test then consider leaving your current deal and find something better. An important factor to think about is what MLM tools will you employ to build your network marketing business, do you have a big list of contacts? Most people starting in this industry won’t, so they very quickly run out of people to talk to and an mlm business with no leads is NEVER going to get off the ground.

For 6 years I had exactly the same issues and was continually scrounging around for leads using techniques such as leaflets drops, handing out those annoying opportunity cards and cold calling. At the end of it all I really had had enough and was about to leave the whole industry for good and take up a regular job, but a friend told me that he had been successfully building his business online so I checked it out. It seemed like a great idea because of the amount of people online that I would be able to contact about my business but I had absolutely no idea about internet marketing so again I was stumped.

Admittedly I have spent a fair sum of money on education products but I found out what I needed to know and you can indeed build a business using the internet, you are going to have to work at it though, it’s like any other business platform, it will take a large amount of work. There’s no doubt that you can’t rely completely on the internet to build an mlm business because we all know that mlm is a people’s business, it’s all about networking. However by utilising the leverage of the internet my results over the last year have been nothing short of impressive and my residual income has grown exponentially.

My Lead System Pro.

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