In the next few minutes you will learn a few reasons why you should consider creating your very own Facebook fan page and generating a lead flow with it. At the end of the article you can get access to a video tutorial showing the easy way to do this.

Almost everybody knows that Facebook is the next big thing in the online market place. Whatever business you’re involved with FB has some serious potential. It’s particularly good for us as Network Marketers as our business is all about relationships after all!.

Even the big ‘G’ is sitting up and taking notice. Facebook PPC is the new home for those who had their Adwords accounts shut down during the massive Google slap period. Like the early days of Google PPC, marketers are having the time of their life. Leads are cheap, traffic is abundant, competition is weak. The perfect environment.

Now would be a good time to jump in and get your share of the pie

Of course the free marketing aspect is just as important on Facebook as anything else, as without having your profile set up the right way, any marketing will just be wasted.

So let’s get on to how to make a Facebook fanpage, these are relatively new in our industry and only recently have people been realising the potential of them.

Having a good fanpage set up will set you apart from the masses, which is a very important thing to do in this market place. People are able to vote for you by hitting the like button, which means they then join your fan base. As well as making you look popular, you are able to easily send a message to all of your fans. Everyone on your fan page can receive status updates from you. The great thing is that the message goes to their FB mail box which means pretty much 100% deliverability and also a much higher open rate. This is basically list building but with the safety and trust of the Facebook platform.

You want your fanpage to have a strong offer, something that is targeted to your visitor. This is most likely going to be an informational product of some description, maybe a video or eBook, you want people to 1) click the ‘like’ button and 2) give you their name and email address and subscribe to your list. An effective strategy, get double the bang for your buck, get a fan and a lead!

A fanpage is also great for social network marketing (the most powerful selling tool). Once you’ve built up a good few fans, any new prospect is going to be impressed which instantly helps with your credibility!

You want to get some traffic to your fanpage, PPC is a great way to do this and you can get some cheap leads right now, also put a page badge on your personal website, people can like you directly from there. The badge idea is quite effective, people can connect with you directly from your website. Some of the badges will also have a direct feed from your fanpage so people can see what the latest activity is

Its quick & easy to set up a fanpage and will be a real asset to your business! It really is just a case of setting up the graphics, page and coming up with a good offer to entice people to opt in and like you.

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