A Gift of Sound is a wonderful charitable organization that works to help families pay for costly cochlear implants and hearing aids. The organization endeavors to supply underprivileged children or families that cannot afford these costly operations or needed medical supplies.

Insurance companies throughout the United States will let a person get single cochlear implant but refuse to pay for a second one, claiming that the surgery is too experimental. A Gift of Sound works to help families cover the costs of a second surgery.

A Gift of Sound also pays for costly hearing aids for people of all ages. Many people go without hearing aids but still need them to hear. Most insurance companies will not cover the cost for this device, forcing many who would benefit from it, to not use it.

The nonprofit organization also works with individual families to cover costs of day-to-day activities in the def and hard-of-hearing community. Many families have to pay extra to bring their children to special schools or sacrifice their own well-being to pay for procedures and incidents. A Gift of Sound aids these families in developing plans and covering basic costs.

A Gift of Sound is great charity that works hard to change the dynamics of society by helping the world to hear one person at a time.

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