In the world of internet traffic, we all know content is king. However, few writers are aware of the simple changes they can make in their writing to yield more traffic.

First off, it’s important to understand how Google works and interprets your articles. Google accounted for 82.6% of all internet search engine traffic in 2008, so it’s easy to understand the importance.

Google uses a “robot” to access and index websites all across the internet. It then sorts the results based on parameters such as “Keyword Density” and “Page Rank”. These two parameters are what set your article apart from similar works on the web.

“Keyword Density” is the ratio of any given keyword against the rest of the articles content. Google is very intelligent, so be sure you’re not keyword spamming or your article will be disqualified from search listings. You want your “Keyword Density” to be high enough to convince the “robot” that your page is relevant to a specific search, but not so high that your article is unreadable or clearly a page full of spam.

The best way to have your articles find the happy medium is to eliminate the use of pronouns. Always use the proper noun for everything. As an example, we’ll say the main topic is Mark Twain. Instead of saying “he was a great American author”, write “Mark Twain was a great American author.” Even at the risk of sounding redundant, this will saturate your main topic throughout your article, yet still provide readable and captivating text.

“Page Rank” is the second element to good search traffic. “Page Rank” is a direct reflection of the amount of link-backs you have to your article in combination with search result activity. When someone searches for a certain string of words and selects your site as their first choice, it adds to your “relevance” according to Google.

A good way to achieve better “Page Rank” is write good opening paragraphs that are specific to only your main topic, and to saturate links back to your blog or articles. Posting on free article sites is great because they have high Google standings, thus making your linked item more relevant by proxy.

I hope this helps you to understand writing high traffic articles a little better. Good luck and be creative.

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