uterusMy Healing Uterus Plushie is a comical and fun gift from Etsy store, Vulva Love Lovely.  Give this adorable lovey token to a new mom whose uterus just performed a major feat by carrying and pushing a new life into the world.  Made with soft flannel and animal friendly fiberfill it is bound to bring comfort.  It measures 11 1/2 inches across and is adorned with a sweet cast and soft band-aid.  This amiable button-eyed reproductive organ is sure to birth many smiles.

You can purchase your own uterus or it’s super hero counter part, which would be perfect for moms of multiples, at Etsy store, Vulva Love Lovely for under $20.  The store does house some mature products such as vulva  , wallets, and lip balm – be forewarned.

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