In spite of the reality that an estimated 25 Million Americans are managing incontinence, there is still a social stigma placed on incontinence that can hang over your course of life if you live with incontinence .

Many Americans who are incontinent also cope with some sort of depression issue because of the social stigma attached to incontinence issues. Incontinence issues affect the masses – baby boomers and everyday people like you and me, not just seniors as is the common bias. So the delusion that it affects generally seniors is fading!

While adult briefs (aka adult diapers) have been in stores for many years, it was only recently that incontinence issues were immortalized to lunch room consultation. In a much talked about fresh TV ad, Whoopi Goldberg shared the hidden truth – to the comfort of millions. It was Whoopi’s larger than life persona that unconditionally made it o.k. to talk about the issue of incontinence. Of course, the timing for that TV endorsement was slotted for maximum exposure – because the ad aired directly ahead of the Oscars.

Many of those who bear with incontinence struggle with searching out quality incontinence products from adult briefs (aka adult diapers), to incontinence liners (absorbent liners) and many don’t grasp that there is another alternative – good ‘ole fashioned intimate things! But we’re not talking granny panties! We’re talking about gorgeous, flattering, dashing, fashionable undergarments!

To help abolish the stigma of incontinence, Eversures Incontinence Underwear created a line of incontinence briefs that are not only effective, but beautiful, too. Comprehensive consumer research disclosed that people coping with incontinence are requesting products that are more like real underwear. Products that help make them feel balanced and more normal. Eversures Incontinence Underwear were created to meet shoppers’ emotional and psychological needs as well, with a product that looks more like regular undergarments, because they are real underwear!

* No inserts or disposable pads required
* Available in different absorbances from light to moderate – or heavy.
* Sewn-in, super absorbent Unique-Dri pad traps liquid for built-in protection all day
* Waterproof outer layer prevents leakage for double protection
* Antimicrobial fibers eliminate the bacteria that cause odor
* Easy-care machine wash and dry
* More economical than disposables because they are good for 200-250 washes
* Available in sizes from SMA to 10X (depending on the style).
* Available in different colors (depending on the style).

Incontinence is a medical issue – so it’s important to purchase the proper products you depend upon to live with it and empower you to get on with your life, feeling composed and in control.

So now you have no reason to sit at home and stare at those 4 walls because you’re ashamed of your medical infirmity! Go on, get out and enjoy life again – wearing real underwear. Eversures Incontinence Underwear are well made and beautiful intimate things for men or women!

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Tammy Chamberlain is an incontinence products specialist at DryDiapersPlus,

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